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  1. F

    WAG Level 9 bars / overshoot vs pak

    Hi my sister (age 10 level 9) has been told to compete her pak this season. She has trained a perfect pak but can also do a brilliant overshoot. She says overshoot is easier for her to do and she thinks she would get less deductions and an easier routine if she competes that. She has an in-house...
  2. JBS

    Great Pak to Circle Drill

  3. G

    Parents Pak be straddleback

    My daughter is learning a Straddleback to handstand ,, but all of her team mates are learning the Pak. The other day she told me she thinks that means she doesn’t have a chance to go elite or college because gymnasts who do straddlebacks are considered not as good. Does anyone have any idea why...
  4. K

    WAG Any reason not to do a Pak?

    I realize that my opinion doesn't really matter in all of this, (its up to my daughter and her coaches), but I'm just curious. My daughter is a level 10 and she is really struggling to get a major release. Her jaeger was looking really good, but then she started hitting the bar and has now...
  5. R

    WAG Overshoot versus pak? (spelling!?)

    I was just wondering about these two skills. It seems like DD's gym mostly pushes the overshoot and then they do the pak later on in 10. DD said that other gyms do the pak in 9 and some do a mix. Just curious why you would choose one over the other for a gymnast learning a high low release...
  6. Clover

    WAG Pak vs Bail

    Are there advantages to one over the other? Is there a "type" of gymnast that is generally a better fit at one vs the other? Thanks!
  7. E

    WAG pak vs. shoot over handstand

    I notice some girls do the pak to get from high bar to the low bar, and some do the shoot over to handstand. What is the difference in difficulty between these two? How does a coach determine which he/she will teach the gymnast first (as a means from getting from high bar to low bar.) Is a...
  8. G

    WAG Full twisting Pak

    What is the code value of a full twisting pak? D or E My daughter is curious. She saw a video of a girl doing one at the level 10 championship. pretty cool skill!!
  9. C

    Pak salto requirements

    What angle does the Pak salto flight need to finish in to avoid deduction?
  10. ZJsMom

    Pak vs. bail

    My dd wants to learn a Pak. I've noticed though in JO and college, bails are more common than Paks. I was just wondering if the Pak is harder to learn/teach?

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