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  1. T

    Coaches Preschool drills

    I'm revamping my gym's preschool lesson plans. What's your favorite drills for each event? I need at least three new ones for each event. Bars, beam, floor, vault. Thanks for your ideas in advance!!
  2. H

    WAG Preschool gymnastics program

    Hi! So I've been coaching preschool gymnastics for about 7 years and the program at my gym has changed quite a bit. Before, for 3-4 year olds we used to do three seperate circuit. It was so that there were less kids with each coach. One was more focused on bar/hanging skills, one on...
  3. teksquad

    Any preschool coaches here?

    Hi Everyone. Anyone else teaching gymnastics to preschoolers? There is a lot we can share and talk about...would there be enough of us to start a forum, or at least a thread for things like circuit/station ideas, breaking down basic skills for physical development, class management, etc?
  4. C

    Off Topic Preschool for a December baby

    My elder son is turning two this year and I think it's high time I start looking into preschools. I know it's already late and I should have thought this about a month back. But, as my son is a December baby, I'm worried about him a little bit. He will be socially behind the other kids. He is...
  5. K

    Coach at the Beach! Looking for JO Optional Head Coach, Recreational Director, Preschool Coach

    Come to the Beach in Pensacola, Florida! Live in Paradise! We are looking for a Head Optional Coach to uphold our athletes to a high standard of quality that creates accomplished competitive gymnast. If you are coach with Optional experience, 1st place, all around athletes that are now college...
  6. flippinam

    WAG Preschool/Mommy & Me Class Ideas

    I know this has been discussed a lot, but I can't seem to find any threads that are exactly what I'm looking for. The classes I teach have 18-month-old (mommy and me) up to age three in the same class. I'm having trouble coming up with warm ups/circuits that would work well for these age groups...
  7. G

    Parents What traits does a talanted preschool gymnast have?

    Just wondering out loud really. I did gymnastics for years & was so flexible but never reached the higher levels as I wasn't strong enough & didn't have the power for tumbling. My dd 3.5 has started gymnastics & absolutely loves it so much (she also does ballet which she loves too & I think the...
  8. G

    WAG Mommy and me / preschool games

    I'm coaching preschool and rec gymnastics summer courses this summer. One course is 4 days long and they have one class a day. Some kids only come to one course but some attend to 2-4 courses. I've coached them for one week now. I would love to find more games to play with the kids, especially...
  9. A

    Coaches Preschool Gymnastics ideas

    Looking for some new games and ideas for my preschool 3-5 year olds. New games especially. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Also does anyone have some good websites for this age group?
  10. M

    Coaches Preschool gymnastics boot camp

    Ok I'm trying to make this weeks lesson plan for our preschool gymnastics classes, and the theme is "boot camp". What are some ideas you guys have for this! I need things for bars, beam, trampoline, and any others you can think of!!!
  11. dani4

    preschool T&T?

    My 4 year old daughter has been in gymnastics since 18 months, she has been on the pre-team track for the last year and seems to have good potential to be a team gymnast someday (according to many coaches)... But over the last few weeks she has been refusing to go to gymnastics (I posted about...
  12. M

    Off Topic Preschool classes

    How are everyone's preschool numbers? Ages 2-4.
  13. N

    WAG Reasons to do preschool gymnastics I teach preschool gymnastics (mostly 3 year olds) and I always tell parents that most of what their kids will learn in my class will have very little...
  14. cftmoonlight

    Coaches Preschool Facilities

    Our gym is in the development stage of building a preschool gym. I am looking for some gyms that have great separate preschool set ups, where we can see some pictures for ideas. Feel free to message me with gym names or weblinks! I can't wait for this, it will free up some space for our pre...
  15. cftmoonlight

    Parents Separate Preschool Gym

    Does your gym have a separate area for just the little preschoolers? Our gym is in the development stage and we are looking for ideas. If your gym has one, or if you know of a gym that has a really cool preschool gym Id love a link or gym name so we can check out some pictures. Some of the...
  16. L

    Coaches Preschool Gymnastics Classes

    I have been teaching a Preschool Class for about 2 years now. I change up and do new things all the time...Here lately I have been noticing that I can't keep their attention for more than 4 minutes. By the time I show them what we are doing, and start the activity they are running ramped...
  17. dani4

    Parents preschool back bends

    I hate to beat this issue after it has already been beaten to death, but I need some advice. My 4 1/2 year old daughter just started in the "pre-team" track at our gym, which is a class for 4-5 year olds that only meets for one hour per week and is open to any girl in that age group (but tends...
  18. Newgymmom1122

    Parents Preschool gymnast ( brag post)

    Hi there. I've been lurking around here for a while but I thought I would finally post. My daughter started gymnastics when she was 2. She's been in it a year and getting ready to move to the 3 year old class. Her teacher informed me today that she is progressing quickly and they want to start...
  19. dani4

    Parents random preschool brag

    My (not quite) 2.5 year old climbed the rope after her gymnastics class on Saturday.... all the way up to the level of my head, all by herself. And I'm pretty tall -5'10"! I was surprised and impressed. My 4 year old still can't do that. She did ask me to help her down. She climbs trees well...
  20. A

    Parents Preschool Gymnastics until age 5???????

    My daughter turned 3 in October. She started gymnastics last summer when she was 2 1/2. She has progressed quickly and will now walk, dip walk, and side walk on the 4' beam. She can do a pullover flip (I think thats what they are called - back flip?) on the little bar by herslf and on the small...