shoulder flexibility

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  1. M

    WAG Shoulder Flexibility Rod Stretch, Difference Using Wooden Bar Rod or Towel Rope

    Whats the difference in doing the shoulder bar dislocation stretch with a regular wooden rod vs a towel/rope? (Note: I know the second picture is using a towel, but I use a rope and pull it wide tight).
  2. MuggleMom

    Parents Bridge/Shoulder Flexibility

    My daughter does not have pretty bridges. I think it has to do with overall shoulder flexibility. She is not the most naturally flexible in general. Are there any good stretching programs to improve bridges and shoulder/back flexibility? That seems like a good workable home goal to me. Shes 10...
  3. 4schnoodle

    WAG Shoulder Flexibility

    Hello everyone! Longtime reader - first time poster here. My 13 year old DD is a new level 6 and has always struggled with shoulder flexibility. Her coaches have told her multiple times that as her flexibility improves her so will her skills. In a recent progress report her coach mentioned that...
  4. N

    Parents Back walkover and poor shoulder flexibility in 7 year old

    I am new to CB and to the world of gymnastics. My 7 year old is on pre-team currently (level 1-2 equivalent) and we are not yet sure what the plan for her is going to be come June. We are still waiting to hear. She has done very well on pre-team, she is one of the stronger kids and does very...
  5. Pigeon

    MAG shoulder flexibility - MAG

    Some questions about shoulder flexibility in men's gymnastics... YDS (just turned 8) has finished level 4 season and they are starting to work on level 5 skills...high bar kip, front handspring, etc. The coach mentioned the other night that he has tight shoulders and will need to work on...
  6. cadybearsmommy

    WAG Shoulder Flexibility and beam back walkovers, any input welcome!

    After reading some horror stories here about back problems as a result of beam back walkovers, I wanted to get some input on dd. I'm not an expert but to me it seems like she doesn't have the best shoulder flexibility. I've seen from reading here that kids with less shoulder flexibility tend...
  7. E

    WAG Xcel question -- avoiding shoulder flexibility

    DD age 11 has always had tight shoulders. I know they can be improved but let's say it's simply managed. She will probably do a couple of years at L4 which I think is manageable with the shoulders. After that is it possible to compete Xcel without having to do BWO on beam and -- what are the...
  8. Amir Hussain

    shoulder flexibility

    Guys,I really would be happy to know your comments. Thanks
  9. amblan01

    Back and Shoulder Flexibility

    Back and shoulder flexibility are the reasons I don't have about 10 skills. Bridges are harder to hold up than it is for other girls because my shoulders are stiff. This summer I want to gain a lot of flexibility for next competition season.
  10. Amusibus

    WAG Question on Shoulder flexibility

    My little 7 year old is in a low level competitive program at 2x/week for 4 hrs each. She has a really hard time with getting her arms into full overhead flexion (ie, up and back, the "ta-da" position). When she tries they don't go back all the way so she compensates by arching her lower back...
  11. V

    WAG 'Aggressive' Ideas for Shoulder Flexibility

    DD has amazing progress with her gymnastics. Honestly going way further than I ever expected (she'll be a L8 this season). She's as strong as all get out and has good split flexibility. However, if you saw her bridge you probably wouldn't think she did gymnastics (especially at her current...
  12. gymnast0119

    WAG Shoulder flexibility

    I don't have very good shoulder flexibility. My coach has given me drills, but they don't seem to always help. Does anyone have any drills they know that helped you/ your DD/ your teammates/ the kids you coach with this? Thanks!:)
  13. C

    Parents Upper Back / Shoulder Flexibility - Related to winged scapula?

    My six year old is having some upper body flexibility issues. I have read through all the old threads on here, and have talked to her coach for stretches to help. What is odd is that she has good lower body flexibility...I have heard that usually if a person is tight, they are tight everywhere...
  14. floorlover14

    Shoulder Flexibility

    Does anyone else have problems with shoulder flexibility? I have been doing gymnastics for five years and it seems like my skills are never as good as they should be because of my lack of shoulder flexibility. No matter how hard I stretch my shoulders, I still have a shoulder angle. It's so...
  15. Coach.Simon

    Shoulder Flexibility/Range of Motion drills

    Short and to the point: What are your best drills for increasing shoulder flexibility/ROM, I know a few but I'd like to expand. This is mainly intended for coaches, but I'm not willing to put it in the coaches only forum and miss out on good input from non-coaches. Thank you in advanced.
  16. S

    Shoulder flexibility question

    I saw someone ask about splits in another post and it made me wonder some girls just never get the necessary shoulder flexibility for gymnastics, and if so is it common not to? Btw, my daughter is doing better but not there yet - and I do know it can take a long time. It's just the split post...
  17. S

    Shoulder flexibility

    How do you know if your gymnast has a shoulder flexibility problem? Mine is almost 7 and I'm not in the mind to push anything, but I have been reading about some of the back problems that can develop later if shoulder flexibility is an issue (not sure of the credibility of that information, so...
  18. Kiwi

    How to improve shoulder flexibility for bridge?

    My flexibility has never been good, especially back and shoulders. I can get up into a basic bridge okay with straight arms (just). I'm a long way from getting my legs straight or together. I know for bridge you're supposed to use more shoulder and upper back flexibility so there's less...
  19. V

    Shoulder Flexibility Exercises

    My DD is a rising level 5 gymnast (hopefully, :)). Her coaches say she is the strongest athlete on the team (speaking from purely a muscular point of view), and she excels at skills and events requiring strength (bars/vault). However, they think she needs to work on her shoulder flexibility as...
  20. JBS

    Shoulder Flexibility

    I need some more ideas for shoulder flexibility. I have a couple girls that are just having a hard time. They are as flexible as an oak tree. It's really affecting their back handsprings and back walkovers on beam. What do you guys do for shoulder flexibility? Some of the stretches I...