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  1. G

    WAG Stick landings

    Hi, I was wondering if someone can educate me on the scoring/deductions of landings, like is there a difference between a step forward vs backward, big step vs small step, hop with two feet vs step, etc. Another question is landing with feet apart and squat. Our coaches were always very adamant...
  2. M

    WAG BHS stick vs BHS step out on beam

    My daughter who is competing level 7 this year is competing a BHS BHS on beam. She learned her BHS on beam doing a stick and thats whats more comfortable for her. She did BWO BHS with the BHS landing on two feet. She made the choice this summer to do a step out BHS to stick series. She's one of...
  3. cbifoja

    Parents Does your gymmie stick to the same brand of grips?

    I just bought my DD her third pair of grips in the past four years. When she went into grips, she was 8YO and still pretty small/light so her coach had me order her the Gibson Just Right grips because they apparently have a thinner/skinnier palm guard than other brands. So both times I've been...
  4. G

    WAG Stick with it?!

    Recently two of my best gym buddies decided to quit. I am devastated. At my gym we always have a partner and now I won't have one. I am always really lonely. I miss them. Gymnastics just isn't the same without them... Advice to keep going would be greatly appreciated!
  5. C

    Parents Advice needed - explore other gyms or stick with this one?

    Hi Everyone - I am relatively new to the world of gymnastics. My 6yo daughter has been at her gym since she was 4. After 1 month of the rec class, she was moved to pre-team where she did 2 years before moving to level 3 team this past summer. She is the youngest on her team as the rest of the...
  6. Ali'sMom

    WAG Another rip question (re: DAT stick / Dermoplast)

    After the rip has started to heal (no more open wound at all), but while it's still tender and making kips "IMPOSSIBLE!" (DDs word), I have heard of putting Anbesol on the hand to numb that area a little to help power through the pain. We haven't tried iet yet, as the aforementioned rip just...
  7. Faith

    Parents Stick It, and similar films..

    Apologies, I'm sure there has been loads of threads, but searching "stick it" gives me a million and one results :) Dd2, age nearly 6, discovered stick it on tv over Christmas. Any similar films? Doesn't have to be gymnastics, she also likes karate kid so anything that type. I think they'd...
  8. M

    Parents What Age To Watch Stick It?

    So a few years ago my dd and I went to Camp Woodward and everyone there was talking about the movie Stick It, which was PG13. I told her when she was 13 she could watch it. Well, now she is 13 and brought it up again. Is this an OK movie for a very naive barely 13 year old? it looks like it...
  9. 2G1B

    Parents Stick It is on TV tonight

    It is on ABC Family. Somehow my older DD has heard of it and wants to watch. I now have to watch it to see if it is OK for the girls (7 and 9 years old). :)
  10. All Chalked Up

    Stick to it or move up?

    Hi all, I don't know whether to move up a level into P3 or stay at P2. I know I would do well at both. Coach is fine with me doing either and says it's my decision, but with my recent shoulder injury and my knees bothering me again I'm not sure! I think I listed all of my skills. What do you...
  11. GymMom&Coach

    Coaches Stick youngin another year at L2 or move up to L3?

    I'll try and make this short and sweet ;) Im just looking for advice, everyone I talk to is giving me mixed feelings.. My daughter (im her coach) is turning 5 next month. Last season she competed L2 and always blew everyone outta the water. 1st on everything including AA. Now that she is age...
  12. L

    Not sure whether to stick or to stay

    I just came back from gymnastics a couple of minutes ago and I wanted to get my words down so I won't forget by tomorrow. I am unsure on whether I should stick with my gym or change to a new gym. I haven't progressed at my current gym. I haven't performed any new skills since June. Now I know...
  13. Deanna

    USAG card...where shall i stick

    Here I go with another question. Sorry. Okay, they are supposed to keep their cards on them at meets. (so the HC said). My question is..when do they actually LOOK at it to confirm she is a member? I ask this because Kadee is My dd is very mature and responsible for 5 but i do worry about...
  14. R

    Can't stick the landing.

    :confused:I love vault and i'm really good at it, but i can't stick the landing. i always end up taking a step or two. i keep loosing tenths for it in competitions and it driving me crazy. what shood i do? :vault:
  15. katy

    the stick

    my dr. recommend "the stick" for sore leg muscle/shin splints. i found one on ebay and i bought the travel size. its is a plastic rod covered with giant beads and it has a slight bend, and it has a handle on both ends. it helps work out the fascia (muscle knots). it is amazing. i've used...
  16. H

    Stick w/current gym or switch???

    I have a 6 year old that has been doing gymnastics for about 2 years. She is a level 3 (although our gym doesn't use actual numbers until level 4) and we have been told she will be competing next year. She has been having trouble with one of her coaches, to the point that I'm thinking it might...
  17. G

    What is that stuff they use in stick it to prevent wedgeys?

    " How do they keep the leotards from going up their buts?" "_______" I forgot!!!!!!! and I need the stuff!!
  18. M

    Question about the movie "Stick It"?

    Hi :) I was watching the movie Stick It the other day when I noticed that Haley Graham (the main character) and her teammates all lived inside the same house (when they weren't in the gym). If you don't know what I'm talking about, the house is in the first few seconds of this video: YouTube...
  19. N

    Stick It!

    YouTube - ladabananas's Channel This YouTube user has the entire Stick It movie uploaded, in case anyone wants to watch from their comp.
  20. L

    Any good DVD's other than stick it?

    I am looking for gymnastic dvds for my daughter or sports related. She is almost 5 but its hard to find a good girly sports dvd. She likes stick it but i dont like letting her watch it due to the language. Some of our other favorites are... Center Stage Ice Princess Bring it On's