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  1. twill76

    Parents UCLA Chalk

    Hello - my daughter attended the UCLA camp this summer and REALLY loves their chalk used. Of course, she told me this AFTER we had left. I have emailed staff to find out what brand of chalk they use, but responses have been minimal to none. I know it's not on their priority list - but all I...
  2. gym_dad32608

    NCAA UCLA Moving to Big10 Conference

    Not sure how much it impacts things, like Oklahoma moving to the SEC, but it will be somewhat interesting to see how it might affect both programs moving forward.
  3. gym_dad32608

    NCAA UCLA bringing L10 coaches to round out staff

    Very forward move by Janelle, not expected, bringing in husband/wife from L10 club world. Kyle and Autumn Graber. Anyone have any experience with these coaches? Maybe UCLA is signaling they are moving away from elites and international elites that have traditionally filled their roster...
  4. JBS

    NCAA Chris Waller Resigns (UCLA)

    I see this has been posted in another thread somewhere... but figured I'd post it in it's own topic so everyone can see... https://www.si.com/college/ucla/olympic-sports/chris-waller-resigns-as-ucla-gymnastics-head-coach-after-tumultuous-2022-campaign...
  5. JBS

    NCAA Current UCLA Situation (Alexis Jeffery Transfer)

    With all the things that have happened in gymnastics I have been asked what ChalkBucket can do to help make gymnastics better. My answer is always the same... ChalkBucket helps by allowing people to talk about things. As we move ChalkBucket into 2022... I want everyone to feel as if they can...
  6. Shatha Mohammed


    I really wonder what is UCLA gymnastics , I mean I know it’s a school or a college for gymnast to train and then compete but like how do they go there? Is there something requires you to have? Like for example you should complete a specific level or something like that? And how can you apply to it?
  7. flippin out

    WAG Beckerman speaks out about UCLA/Val

    Beckerman speaks out about her experiences while at UCLA — and has nothing nice to say about what she endured under Val
  8. flippin out

    WAG UCLA joins the college scandals

    https://www.latimes.com/california/s...4t6fAR6LiUcjI0 i am surprised the amount of people on Twitter that believe that since Claire is walk on that she "didn't take a spot from someone else".........I do not know a single D1 spot (scholarship or walk-on) that is NOT a recruited position that...
  9. W

    WAG UCLA Gymnastics camp

    hi!! Wondering if anyone has sent their gymnast to UCLA Gymnastics camp? Any feedback is appreciated!!! ❤️
  10. wandrewsjr

    WAG UCLA Gymnastics

    I just can't get enough of how much fun these young women are having this season. Madison, Katelyn and Kyla getting to show their stuff and shine on a new stage. Jordyn thriving in a new role. And have to thank Germany and Canada for Pualine and Peng Peng, amazing gymnastics and even more...
  11. bogwoppit

    WAG Miss Val - UCLA - speaks on USAG - Nassar

    This is a must read. http://officialmissval.com/times-up-usag/
  12. F

    Parents Thoughts on this? 8th grader committing to UCLA??

  13. beachgirl

    WAG UCLA Gymnastics Camp

    I'm thinking of sending my 9 year old L4 DD to the 3 day UCLA camp in July. She will not be staying overnight and has never been to a camp before. Has anyone's child ever been to UCLA before or to any college camp? I can't seem to find much info that describes the day and the supervision...
  14. JBS

    WAG Jordyn Wieber leaves Geddert, moves to Chris Waller, and becomes UCLA assistant coach???

    From the first link below... http://www.examiner.com/article/gymnast-gabby-douglas-changes-gyms-heads-for-california
  15. jago

    UCLA Gym Clinic

    Has anyone attended a gymnastics clinic at UCLA? Planning on registering DD for the 1 day, 3.5 hour clinic coming up in a few weeks (with a few friends) and just wondered about it. Thanks!
  16. livelifetumble8dx

    Mattie Larson & UCLA.

    International Gymnast Magazine Online - Larson Out of Visa Championships, Headed to UCLA (updated)Mattie has decided to throw in the towel on elite, and head in the UCLA direction. This makes me sad, i really wanted to see her at nationals! Thoughts?
  17. G

    Ucla, oregon, stanford

    I was on had to watch Samantha Pezeks debut her new bar routine over the past weekend in Chicago. She did such a great job, she actually warmed up beam, I was bummed that she didn't compete. Stanford was a treat to watch, they not only have great gymnastics but they are such crowd pleasers...
  18. G

    Vanessa Zamarripa, UCLA

    YouTube - Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA) - 2010 NCAA Nationals EF FX can anyone tell me the name of her music please?
  19. B

    UCLA leos <3 <3 <3

    i know this is random and superficial, but i'm in looooovveee with one of UCLA's leos. anyone else? it's the one vanessa zamarripa wore during her 10.0 vault recently. Vanessa Zamarripa Earns Pac-10 Special Performance Of The Week Honors - Freshman gymnast scored her second perfect 10 of the...