MAG 2024 Men's US Olympic Team

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Men's Artistic Gymnastics


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Congrats to the 2024 Men's Olympic Team!

I also know Stephen is on the highest scoring team but it just seems like such a huge risk to take someone who can only do one event.

The problem is that everyone is basically a huge risk on that event... so might as well give it a shot... might end up a point and a half up.
I am mostly thrilled with this team! Cannot wait to see waht they can do in Paris!!!!
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I wasn't able to watch live because it was my anniversary and lunch dates are easier than dinner when you have a toddler who has only had a babysitter once in her life.

But I listened to the gymcastic behind the scenes podcast and apparently the men's procedures worked and the team automatically selected itself. Kensley on the neutral deductions podcast did a great episode a little while back explaining the procedure in detail, but here's the relevant part:

They took the average scores from all four days of competition between nationals and trials and came up with the highest scoring team. Then they dropped each athlete's worst day of competition and did the three day average. Because the highest scoring team was the same using both the three and four day averages, that was the team.

If Khoi had hit pommel horse one more day than he did, he would've replaced Stephen. Shane had a great trials but an ok nationals. Yul had a good nationals but struggled at trials. They wrote a very detailed, specific procedure and followed it. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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