3.5 y/o on pre-team!

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We knew it was coming but I was SHOCKED when we were asked if we would consider moving Rylee to fast tracks NOW! Fast tracks is pre-team for younger girls (6y/o, 7y/o, 8y/o)! Team starts at level 4 at our gym. Rylee though is 3.5 years old. LOL! She is obsessed with doing gymnastics and is progressing pretty fast. Anyways, she was asked a little over a week ago and had her first fast tracks class this past Tuesday and another on Thursday! She did VERY good too. She looks SO small out there with the older girls though... lol!

My oldest is 6 and also in fast tracks. They have 1 class together and then the other night Alexis goes to level 3 while Rylee does fast tracks again. They usually do not allow the girls to do fast tracks 2 nights/week, however, with Rylee only being 3 they thought it was best to not put her in one of the level 3 classes since there are 10, 11, 12, 13 year olds in those classes.

Anyways, she is VERY excited. I am very excited for her. Cautious though... at any moment she seems to not be loving it as much we will pull her out and put her back into a fun k4/k5 class. But for now... she LOVES it!!!

Just had to share :)



How exciting! Congrats to her. My Emma was put on "minis" which is our gyms preteam at 4 years old. She actually did level 4 at 6 years old. I love and share your philosophy....as long as they are having fun, it's all good. Congrats again to both of your little gymmies!:)
Wow congrats. Great of you to know to be cautious though. My girls started at 2 1/2 and 3 1/3 with the regular classes and were moved to preteam at ages 4 and 5. They did take a year off at ages 6 and 7 because we all felt a little burned out. I sometimes feel we should've stuck it out. However, they are now 11 and 12 and competing level 8. All is running smoothy and that 1 year off probably did not hurt .

Good luck to both your girls and your busy lifestyle.
Your daughter is absolutely adorable. I wouldn't worry too much about the hours. Twice a week is actually much better for a kid so young. Their attention span and memory are very short and having a class only once a week usually means they have to relearn things a lot as they forget from week to week.

To kids who love the gym it is like being in a giant playground or playing their favorite game. Parents actually tend to get burned out faster than the kids.

There is one thing to be very wary off, and we see it a lot in the gym. Is when the younger daughter is really talented. In a few years they tend to catch up with their older sibling, sometimes competing against them, and often winning and then surpassing them. many older siblings struggle to cope with idea if a younger sibling being so good and they drop out of the sport. You can start laying the foundations now to prevent this later. Try to find area's where each one excels as an individual.
Congrats and Welcome! Seems to me like you have pretty talented gymmie in your hands. She is adorable too!! My dd started on preteam at 4yo too. She was competing by 4.5 yo. She is now 6yo and competing L4. Good luck to your guys and can't wait to hear more of her progress in this sport. :)
Thank you all :D

We are very careful to make sure to encourage each of our girls individually. My 6y/o will be ready for level 4 (team) by next fall (she's very close now). She started working on kips on the bar yesterday during her private lesson! I am very excited for her!! They are both in fast tracks but on very different levels.

I do wish that the girls in the lower levels would be able to compete. But team does not start until level 4 here. Right now Rylee (3.5y/o) is just in fast tracks. She is ready for level 3, they just don't want to put her in with the older girls.

Thanks again :)
What is Rylee working on in Fast Tracks? We are in a similiar situation with my 4 year old. She was moved to preteam at just 3. We pulled back a little because it was too soon and then at barely 3.5 we moved her to preteam again . It has worked out well for her.
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Hello! Sorry I missed your post!

Rylee JUST turned 4 and is working on the following:

* Round off back handspring (very close on this, we're thinking she will have it by the end of summer)

She can do her back roll (ending in push up position), standing back bend then kick over and all 'basic skills' (round off, cartwheel - good side and bad side, handstands, handstand drop to bridge and kick over, etc...)

* Shoot through and stride circle (has her shoot through, a ways away on the stride circle)
* Front Hip Circle

She can easily do her pullover and back hip circle.

* Handstand (very close on this)

She is also currently learning the different turns that are required in the level 4 routine.

She can't go to level 4 and compete until she is 6. They did mention they will probably pull her up in Fall 2011 (she will be 5) and she can practice with the team. But she won't be old enough to compete at level 4 at that point (and we don't have any lower levels competing).
Sounds very similiar to what our preteam is doing . We do have a level 3 team so she is going to get to do that this coming season. It is very low key I hear. I was just curious about what other teams called preteam and it sounds like what your daughter is working on is what our preteamers are working on. Does your dd have a favorite? My dd likes bars the best.
Wow--she sounds like she's got a lot of talent!! :) I have a daughter who just turned four as well, and I just can't picture her doing a ROBHS! LOL
mommyof2 ~ I know, it's hard to imagine for me too since I have two other children who definitely COULD NOT do what she can do. We get a lot of comments on what Rylee can do.

I'll get some video of what she is doing to share. I need to get some new video of her anyway. I will have to wait until next week to get her round off back handspring (with a spot, but still getting closer) at the gym. But I can get all the other stuff at home.

And tonight at her private lesson she LANDED her handstand on the beam (low beam, but still)!!! I couldn't believe it! She went to bed smiling over that one. LOL!
thats awesome (((congrats!)))
she is sooooooo cute!
if you could update me on my page or throuh a message on what skills and things she is learning that would be GREAT!
next olympianXD
post pics!
Thank you gymbug!

Shelovesthebars ~ That is awesome your dd loves the bars! Rylee doesn't seem to have a preference. But I did ask her and she said... "OH... I LOVE the PIT" :p LOL!

I added a small video of Rylee doing some gymnastics today. I was trying to figure out how to edit my first post on this thread and just add it to it... but I didn't see a place to do that. So I posted it over in The Chalk Bucket forum HERE
Thank you gymbug!

Shelovesthebars ~ That is awesome your dd loves the bars! Rylee doesn't seem to have a preference. But I did ask her and she said... "OH... I LOVE the PIT" :p LOL!

haha that is too funny! Sounds like your gym has got it right for a 4 year old.

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