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My dd is 6.5 and just starting on her competitive gymnastics journey. We are in the UK and she is working towards club grade 6. The coaches have mentioned compulsory grade’s eventually.

She is very very flexible and moderately strong. Luckily (for her!) she enjoys conditioning. Her one sticking point is that she struggles with achieving 1 chin up. She was able to achieve 3 in a row before christmas but seems to have lost this skill again. I’m not sure if she had a growth spurt and her strength hasn’t caught up? I’m wondering if anyone has seen this before?
The coaches have asked her to practice on a door bar at home and have given her an ex programme. We do our best and she is practicing daily but I am keen at this stage that she sees home as a place to rest and not a continuation of gym. I don’t want her to lose her enjoyment. She is already comparing herself to other children in her group who can complete a chin up so I’m trying my best to stay positive for her.

She has her grading in 3 weeks- if she can’t achieve her chin up by then it is unlikely she will be able to take part which I know will be hugely disappointing for her.

I had a look and have seen some excellent advice on previous threads for similar issues but just wanted to see if anyone had any wise words.

I'm not familiar with the UK gymnastics levels. But don't stress your gymmie out over a chin up. I'm not entirely sure why she lost her strength like that- growth spurt is a good guess though and maybe someone else has some ideas. I don't think having SOME equipment at home (like a chin up bar or floor bar) but don't make her use it unless she wants to. I would be wary of coaches that require practice at home, especially for a 6 year old.

Worst case is she doesn't make the new level (grade?), which at her age is no big deal. There is plenty of time for her. Best of luck to her at the grading!
Did your coach give any guidance? When my wee one was learning this her coaches told us to support her on the door bar holding her feet and taking some of the weight from her. Over time take less of her weight and she does more herself.

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