Gymnasts Clear hip into a back hip circle

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Is doing a clear into a back hip circle on low bar allowed instead of doing glide down into a kip?

For me, I am still working on doing the kip down after the clear hip, which leads me with a bunch of deductions (bent legs and touching the ground, and only making it up half of the time).

I have also thought of doing a clear hip on high bar, but worried about the one or less tap swing deduction if I implement my flyaway (I can only do it with three swings), or flinging off the high bar (from a experience where my grip wasn't tight enough and almost peeled off 😆)

So is this routine(s) acceptable for XP?

Kip, cast, clear hip, back hip circle, squat on, tap swing, tuck flyaway
Kip, squat on, kip, cast, clear hip, tap swings, tuck flyaway? or half turn dismount

I prefer the first routine if my glide doesn't work because I can connect the entire routine

Thank you!
Do you have a video of yourself doing this? I am trying very hard to think about how you would get your hips back to the bar for a hip circle while still having it be a clear hip - I can only imagine it as either something that would not get credit as a clear hip, or as a clear hip to handstand and then a very controlled drop down into the hip circle. Assuming you can do it in a way that gets the clearhip credit I don't see any inherent issue, but I have never seen anyone do this before I don't think
Do you have a video of yourself doing this?
Currently, I don’t have a video of me doing it right now, but I will try to record one the next practice.

But I “edited” a video of what I am trying to say for now until I can record one myself (of course mine doesn’t look as good as the one in the video 😂)
(Credits: Shun gym on YouTube)


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