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Hello all. I've been thinking about this for a long while. I've dug around on the internet for it, but can't seem to find any info that I need...

Here's the basic situation; I went to two Pitt meets and absolutely loved it! Every aspect. The team feel, the fans, everything. I would love to do something like that. The problem is that I'm already a freshman, and I'm just a prep-op. I don't think there's any way possible that I'll be able to advance to level 9/10 in three years, especially with my back problems. What I want to know is this... is there any way I could compete, but not at that level? I still want to go to a good school, but I definately am interested in college gym. I don't know if there are other "levels" per say... I'm just very confused. Aghhhhhh... :indifferent:

Information please? Thanks in advance.

Nothing urgent, by the way... I have three years to decide all this out.
There are schools with Division III gymnastics teams. You can find them here Link Removed I think you'd still need to be a decent Level 9 to earn a spot on a D III team, but I'm not sure. Another option to look into is college club gymnastic. It would be a student run club, but I think they do have a national meet for club gymnastics that would be exciting to participate in.
web site

Below is a link to the national association of intercollegiate gymnastic clubs. There is a list of all schools which have club gymnastics and some have contact information. This is a very good option for gymnasts who want to continue in college, but didn't get a scholarship or the school they want to go to doesn't have a team. They take all levels of skill, so you might be competing against someone who is was a level 10, or someone who has not done gym before, there are no level distinctions. You just have to have a love of gymnastics.

I tried to put a link to the site but this site won't let me since I haven't posted 5 or more times. so here it is not as a link: "naigc" is the site name and it is ".net"
Thank you very much! I'm definately exploring it now.

The whole reason this came up is because we're doing scheduling at school for next year, and they want up to map out our futur plans. Oy. It's hard to think about things that seem so far away.

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