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Hello. My daughter is a level 5 gymnast and I am thinking of making goody bags for her teammates for each competition. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
Hmm....what do gymnasts like..

stickers, gymnastics tattoos (for after meets), keychains, stuffed animals (i did that one for states for my teammates), good luck charms, and pictures of olympic gymnasts.

just a few quick things...i'm sure there are tons out there.
goody bags

Which ever gym is hosting the meet gives each gymnast a goody bag at the end of the meet before the results are given out. Last year it was a t-shirt for the meet, in years past they have gotten such things as: gymnastics water bottles, cute purses (some were hawaii flower print, some had the state logo on them, others were just cute little purses), pencils, notepads, stickers, gymnastics magnets, etc.

A parent on a different level last year took photos of each girl as they competed and gave the parents copies of the photos.

We just gave the girls "something" at state meet, so they had something to carry in..........usually a stuffed animal of some kind for the compulsory teams and fresh flowers for the optional teams.
goody bags

If you are making the bags for just her level team. We like uniques gifts given only to them to bond them as a team. I made scrapbook pages. score books, hair scrunchies and funky flip flops. hard candy for dry throats, funky pens i make theses with bic pens, florist tape and plastics flowers. One temmates mother this year made a stick it bags. It has all the things you needs to stick a rotuine. It was so cute. It had a bandaid it in and hair gel and stuff like that. My dd thought it was the nicest thing. this girl's mom is a teacher. She also made snowman soup. email me pm and I will give you the instructions... I am crafty and I love to share..
Someone did also mention this, but last season I made flip flops for everyone. I am NOT crafty at all so if I can do it - anyone can :)
You can get flip flops very cheap and then I did their team colors in sheer ribbons and you just tie tie tie. I also made some by cutting up bandannas into strips and using those (the bandanna ones were MUCH easier and quicker to make b/c the material is thicker). The girls all seemed to enjoy them and then they had matching flip flops to wear to the next meets. We also had goodie bags that went with the meet theme - we had beach balls and towels for the "Beach Blast" meet - we had green stuff for the "Irish" meet...just thoughts :)

I also forgot that one of the moms made a CD of fun music:
Girls Just Want to Have Fun, I'll Tumble for Ya, We are the Champions, etc...

She did the team logo on the CD and called it Level 4 Jamz and they LOVED dd still listens to it all the time!!
We give spirit bags to everyone with sayings attached to the items, such as:

rubberband: remember to stretch before the meet
block: block on vault
stick of gum: stick your beam routine
soap: clean up your shapes
smiley sticker: be sure to smile
spot: in case you need a spot
6 pennies: may this not be the only 6.0 you get
plastic gold medal: because even if you never get one, you deserve it
milky way bar: because you are a star
velcro: for when you need a grip
eraser: to help you forget the bad routines
cotton ball: to cushion beam falls
kisses: to remind you that we love you
moon pie: shoot for the moon

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