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Proud Parent
Well, after being relieved that they weren't moving the girls up until June 1, we were called on Tuesday and told that they are moving them up now. I am nervous, but DD is sooo excited. She can't wait.

To start, she will be going M/W from 4pm-7:15pm. I think we will do that until at least the end of May, maybe June as well. That is 6.5 hours a week and a huge jump from 3 hours a week. None of the girls that are being moved are doing the 10.5 hours a week right away.

They also have the option of doing Th for 1.5 hours with their old pre-team class to practice the routine for the show they were planning on being in Mid May. DD is excited about that. They are doing modified versions of the L4 routines, just bars and beam I think. She wants to do the Thursdays because she wants to be in the show. I think we will play it by ear and maybe just do a couple of them. She seems to think the jump in hours will be no big deal.

Good news is that we were expecting to pay the full amount even if we only did 2 days and we don't have to. They are discounting it. And they are letting the girls go Thursdays to practice for the show for free!

So, keep your fingers crossed for A on Monday that she has a fun first team practice. Though I think I probably need the finger crossing more than her. LOL. I will be staying the whole time the first week, then leaving for part of the time starting the next week. My DH probably would like to eat dinner. :D
Giood for you dd!! Why are you nervous? She'll be in the gym 3.5 more hours/week than usual, but that shouldn't be a big change for her. Sometimes the younger ones have to work on staying focused for the longer practice, but she should get that pretty quickly. You have a plan to gradually build up her practice time and I know if she is having trouble handling the 10.5 hours come summer, then you'll re-examine things.

I think she'll do just fine and mom will survive her little one taking her 1st flights from the nest:) Don't worry, she'll be back after each one!
She is going to love it, you know how much she loves gym. Perfect timing for the big change, sounds like a nice transition to team.

Yea - now the fun really begins !!! She is going to do great and love it. I think the additional hours are harder on us parents then on them. They want to go - we just get to provide additional taxi service, lol.
I know that she is going to love it, but I am nervous because she is so immature for her age. She plays around soo much and while I am all for her having fun, when it disrupts the class it is too much. She is not the only one. Most of them do their fair share. Even the girls that are older than her.

I just hope it isn't going to be a complete shock. The coaches won't be the same, though I think her old coach might be her coach again and she loves that coach. I worry that her attention span won't last 3 1/4 hours. LOL. Or that she really isn't ready and gets sent back to her current class and gets her heart broken. Typical over anxious mom worries. I am a bit anxious in general and this is no different. :D

I think it is a good time as well. They apparently have an end of the year party for the team girls and they are inviting the new L4s to officially meet all the rest of the team.

That said, they are working on their routines for the show and she is excited about the show. It is in a little over one month. The bars is similar to the L4, but no mill circle and no front hip circle. Floor is a little more tricky as their are dance steps and they all seemed to struggle with that. Beam is similar to L4 routine, but less jumps and leaps, a 3/4 handstand and they will do the L3 dismount. Abby says they are doing vault, which I imagine is the L4 vault.

Thanks for listening to my silly worries. No one else wants to listen to me.
Congratulations to your DD:) I am glad you are both excited about moving to team:) She is going to do great. Madi went 3 hours to gymnastics yesterday and was still awake when I got home from school at 10pm so she wasn't even wiped out from that.
Congratulations to your dd. She is going to have so much fun. I bet that after a few days she will fit in well with the team and the coaches. She will be fine. I'm sure the coaches will keep her in line. :D
CONGRATS to your daughter! So many new L4's today on the board! I love that they are giving your DD a transition time. When my DD moved up from pre-team it went from 4 hrs right up to 10.5! Then, they moved us (and this is probably the norm) after L4 season ended so we went right into conditioning for a couple months first...ouch! Your DD seems more than ready and I'll bet she will love it. Good luck! Try not to worry (easy for me to say cause I my DD is going on her 2nd year, LOL) she will adjust fine....and so will you!
Don't worry about the maturity DD was the same way and I even held her back in pre-team because of it. I was afraid she would be a distraction to the other team girls. But almost all the girls are the same way at that age and even older...the only way to descibe it is they BOUNCE all the between rotations, skills, stations...all the time! My DD didn't always understand the corrections and advice from coaches, but now that she is on her 2nd year, I can see just how much she matured and improved with time. I am sure your coaches know just how to handle the lil wiggly ones too.
Thanks guys for your advice and well wishes. Abby is so excited. I just hope she has as much fun as she thinks she is going to have. Her coach has her all pumped up about it. She is moving with 4 other girls, which I am happy about since they all get along pretty well.
Congrats to Abbie! :) I am quite sure she will be fine with the extra hours. My dd coped well with the move from 3 to 6 hours and she was only 4 at the time. It's good that they are easing them into the 10 hour schedule. She will have fun and she will learn in time how to pay better attention. If the coaches are good with discipline, it won't take long for them to get the hang of having fun while still working hard. She will be excited to be learning new skills. You will have to video the performance they are giving so we can see it.

Congrats to Abbie!!!!! :jump:I am sure she is so excited!!! No need to worry for a second, she is going to do fantastic & will love every minute of her extended hours:D. Let us know how she progresses.
i was looking at mom2kazkids (i think i got that wrong) videos and realized that they floor and beam is the L3 routine, except that they are having the girls that can do the handstand to bridge to kickover do that instead of the bridge up and kickover. the bars is just the L4 without the mill circle and front hip.

today is her first team practice. she is soo excited! will update tonight!
Hi -

I am not sure if DD will move to L4 or not. We have been pretty sure she will, but she is still shy a few skills and won't move up if she does not get them.

she needs to get her mill circle (has it but not consistently yet), needs front hip, needs to be able to hold the side handstand on beam for 1 sec.

pretty sure she is good on everything else. has ROBHS on floor and vertical handstand on beam. she can do the dismount on her floor beam at home. She has done the L4 bar dismount before and has her shoot through.

Please keep happy thoughts for her. she REALLY wants to move to L4 and works so hard ( I know that 99% of them work hard so I guess that is not relavent). She will be so disappointed if she has to do L3 again.
When does your level 4 season start? Here in WI comp season is from Sept to states in Dec, but because our gym is small and the owners are concerned about the post olympics increase, they have decided that the girls will comp in the winter season and for go states this year. It also easier for them since that is when the boys and the optional girls compete. This approach also gives the new level 4 and 5's time to get very comfortable with the routines.

In the last two weeks my DD has got her mill circle more times than she misses it, her level 4 dismount on beam, her tapper handstands are getting higher, and she can also do the ROBHS on the tumble track without spotting. So for her she still needs the front hip and level 4 vault since her level 3 vault was a dive roll. Our coaches are really not concerned that the new level 4 will not be ready by January. I am pleasently surprised at all that DD has accomplished in a short time.

gymmomntc2e6: Give it time and things will also click for your DD.

gymmomntc2e6-i hope that your DD gets all she needs to move her to L4 or they let her move anyway. that mill circle and the front hip are pretty hard. my DD doesn't have hers yet. it is so strange how different gyms can be. i would think the increase in hours would help her to get more skills and get stronger, etc. fingers crossed for her.

barb-not sure if your question was for me or gymmomntc2e6. if it was for me, DDs season runs from late september to march. states is in december though.
DD had her first team practice and she loved it. though i am sure she will be sore by tomorrow or the next day. LOL. they did a lot of conditioning and strength stuff. she said she really liked it and they already started working on the beginning of the L4 routine, though i hope she doesn't get confused with that and the L3 floor routine she is doing for the show.

overall, she had fun and the baby and i were so ready to go home. we are staying the whole time wednesday, but next week she is on her own. LOL. that is way to long to sit and watch her when you have a 2 year old to keep busy. :D
Our gym competes compulsory from Sept - Dec States are in Dec. Then they start right up with Optional Jan - April - States are in April.

she may move up anyway, but I did hear the coach go over the skills w/ the girls last night. She is posting the skills needed for each level and told them if they do not have the skills they will not do that level. DD does have one more meet, in May. She has the entire summer to get the few skills she needs so I think she will be ok. I don't want her to move to L4 not ready for it - that would not be fair to her or her team. I think it is just that we have been assuming (and we all know what happens when we do that LOL) that she would move up in June since she has her ROBHS and would get the other few skills over the summer. Now we are just not sure if it will work that way.

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