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Good Morning, I am the level 4 gymnastics coach at a small gym in Virginia. Our girls are doing very well in every event except Bars. We are having difficulties with front hip circles, shoot-thrus, and Mill-circles. Half of our girls can make it sometimes, but not consistently. We have been working on these skills for about 6 months straight. I think we need to change the way we are teaching them, but I am not sure what to tell them to do differently. It is becoming very frustrating for me and them. If you have any ideas, that would truly help.
Thank you
Those mill and front hip circles are quite frightening. Spot a lot.

Really step out forward into the stride/mill circles ( forward ). Head high, toe forward, chest open, big splits.

As big of drop as possible into the front hip. Spot just falling into the first phase and keeping the shape a bunch.
I find my kids have the most trouble with these as's what I tell them

Front Mill Circle:
Push up tall, big step forward, quick hands on top

Front Hip Circle:
Puch tall (bar by the thighs) look at the high bar until you can't see it then pike, pull yourself back over the bar
NOTE: there is now a deduction for arching (whipping) into the front hip circle.

Shoot through:
I take a floor bar and place it up on pannel matts (so it's raised off the floor). Then, I have the kids start in push up shape with their hands on the bar and feet on the mat--then, they push down on the bar (with shoulders over hands), do a slight jump, and lift their foot through their hands (shoot through).

To spot shoot throughs--either grab their hips and help them lift their hips up--giving them the room bring their foot through on their own. Or, you can hold their leg that is not going through--but i'm not exactly sure how that method works--i can't remember.

Hopefully this will help you out a little!
Our gym has had the same problem. It seemed like they were never going to get those skills. One by one our Level 4's got them, and now all but 2 out of 20 have the required skills. It did take between 6-8 monts for these kids to get these skills. And honestly I was just as frusrated. To me, when I was that age, those skills were easy for me. And through out my coaching career I've never had issues with the kids not getting those skills. Just for some reason its taken my group forever to get them.

The drills in the OP is what helped my girls. As for spotting the shot thru, I hold onto the leg that is not going thru the bar. I have all the control in the world spotting it that way, and the girls are not affraid. Best of luck to you, have patience it will happen:)

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