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Dancing w/the stars(whole family) , cheerleader nation( mom and me) , made, laguna beach, the challenge( me, sometimes my sis)
Nothings better than a Chicago Bears game with the whole family (not the wife, she likes the Patriots) dressed in Bears gear. Gotta have some steaks, a nice grill, and a projection TV with a 100" screen for the full effect.

Or you can do the same with a little NASCAR...Go Jimmie! #48. He's from right out here in the San Diego area.

Beyond that...Law & Order, CSI, ER, Curious George, Little Mermaid, and anything Elmo.

Maggie really gets into her football...little crazy's her favorite thing to watch!


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My favorite show is House. My other favorites are Heroes, the Office, Scrubs, Invader Zim, and So You Think You Can Dance.
There's a new season of the Hills and two-a-days. I love thos shows!
My favorite shows are Scrubs, The Office, ER, Dead Like Me, I Love Lucy.
I don't mind American Idol either.
Has anyone seen the previews (well it starts tonight) for You're the One That I Want? It's the Grease Broadway production show. I think that looks really good. I would watch it but I'm stuck at work tonight.
Well I have about 3 channels so not much. I did watch dancing with the stars this season but i'm never watching again cuz Jason didn't win and Kristi did.
I mostly watch gymnastics thats about it. haha.
Of everything currently on the air, House is by far my favorite show.

Others I like are Law and Order (Original and SVU -- don't really like Criminal Intent)

I love Desperate Housewives, though I rarely get a chance to actually watch it.

I LOVED Kid Nation when it was on (hated the way it was produced and executed, but I thought it was really touching despite all that), though I strongly suspect that if they make another season, it won't be nearly as good.

And then there are a few cartoons/animes that I like (or rather, liked). I love Invader Zim, Megas XLR, and Rocko's Modern Life (none of which is still on). And the first couple seasons of Rugrats were pure brilliance.

As far as anime, my favorite series' are Ghost in the Shell, Wolf's Rain, Paranoia Agent, Gundam: Seed, and Samurai Champloo (I don't know if Adult Swim still shows any of these, but I have most of them on DVD anyway)
Project Runway, Little people big world, True Life, Viva La Bam, House, Shear Madness, So you think you can dance, Scrubs, What not to wear and I know it's terribly offensive but I absolutely LOVE South Park :p
I don't watch that much TV, but when I have time, I like Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, and The Amazing Race, but I don't think anything can compare to the awesomeness that was Arrested Development. :)
Charmed, Ghost Hunter, Most Haunted, Ghost Whisperer, Destination Truth, Deadliest Catch, As the World Turns and Don't Forget the Lyrics.
JBS - Adorable Picture !!

As for my fave shows - Top Chef, Scrubs, Dead Like Me (unfortunately was cancelled), Flip This House, Pretty much anything on HGTV.
JBS - Adorable Picture !!

As for my fave shows - Top Chef, Scrubs, Dead Like Me (unfortunately was cancelled), Flip This House, Pretty much anything on HGTV.

I love HGTV, too. One of DD's favorite shows to watch with me is House Hunters. Go figure! LOL
I am addicted to Reality TV,

Bravo TV shows.. PROJECT RUNWAY - returns in 3 days!!!

Lost is VERY Popular in my house.. only 2 more seasons

I also am obsessed with The Discovery Health Channel.. Mystery Diagnosis, Real Stories of the ER they are great shows!
1. Monk... new season starts july 18th!
2. House
3. Law & Order (SVU only)
greys anatomy
amazing race
kyle xy
WIPEOUT! we crack up so much watching that show it is so funny!
yes i admit it hannah montana haha
deadliest catch
the hills
and of course: Who's House? Run's House!
and I love watching the Padres despite all you Padre-haters out there :p
oh and I love watching the search for elle woods legally blonde the musical!
JBS cute pic! She definetly has your football loving genes!

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