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This is not looking for medical advice, just experiences of others.

New for me this year are 4 hour coaching sessions. It's on a gymnasium floor, so I have to wear shoes (I usually don't when I coach in the actual gym, where everything is carpeted). My feet, especially the bottom, are cramping.
I know it's because my shoes are old and don't really give any support, but I'm not in a position where I can buy new ones yet.
Do you other coaches have trouble with cramping feet and what do you do about it?
I used to have sore and cramping feet when I started in a new job that required walking and standing up almost all day long (8 hours) if you don't count the breaks. I thought I would not make it through the first week. But then when I got used to standing up all the time the pain was gone. It was just the first week or so.

Now I don't work in that job anymore, I'm now a full time coach so I have some 6 hours long days in the gym. I have a fitness tracker on my wrist all the time and I monitor my activity during coaching hours that way. Some days I just spot bars for an hour and my activity level is already 100%. Then I try to sit on a physio ball for a bit (usually during beam) and take a little rest. Otherwise I try to stand up because a sitting coach looks like a lazy coach. But on beam I let myself because I know that I would be exhausted at night otherwise, our practice ends at 9pm and then I have morning practice the day after at 8am. I should do more stretching and conditioning myself to stay in better shape, right now I think the only strong muscles in my body are in my spotting arm. But as we all know coaches are very good at telling others how to do things properly and avoid injuries but very bad at actually following their own advice.

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