Parents Flyaway Fear - what to do to help ?

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My DD (LV6) is currently "stuck" on the tuck flyaway, a skill which she was doing last summer (2013) but then a flyaway fall during a meet in October had her in this downward spiral so bad to the point where she wouldn't even do the tap swings(!!!). After not really getting any consistent response from the coach (they claim that she has it and is "choosing" not to do it)about how she can overcome this we decided to just go to open gym some where else and I just stood there, hand spotted her on low bar and stood next to her on the high bar and bam, she had it back. But so far she hasn't been able to do any without some body there standing next to her(our next goal). DD claims she's afraid of hitting her foot and that she is "pulling in too far", which I'm not exactly sure what that means but I'm guessing she's scared so she tucks deeply to avoid her feet being hit, which in actually is what causes the feet to hit in the first place?

Can someone offer any advice on how we can help her with that?

We question ourselves if this is the end of the line for her, but she managed to learn his BHS on high beam and she can do giants on a strap bar...its just difficult to let go because in the past 3 meets she has placed first twice and third once in the all around, and is always the highest on her team, despite not having all the skills.
I can't help though I know my daughter struggled but somehow got it after a while.

However what concerns me more is that you had to go to a different gym to practice (not sure if you are a coach).

And that you say she needs someone to stand next to her.....which seems like it should be fine.

Are her coaches not willing to do that? Our coaches stand by the bars all the time...and my daughter is Level 9!

I would be more concerned about the lack of support from the coaches...seems like she could get it with support!!
she has to start over with 3 basic swings to letting go. this is done under the bar with very little swing.
whoa! i just caught that. you took her to an open gym somewhere else and were feigning a spot?

are you a former gymnast or coach? do you know what you're doing?? if not, this is the WRONG way to solve the problem.

what if she balks and lets go? do you know what to do?? what if she peels??? do you know what to do????

you're playing with matches. you both could be burned. you should NOT be doing this. the coach SHOULD. do something...but not what you are go back to the coach.
and if they said "she is choosing" not to do it? you need to find another program or change coaches within that program.
OMG this is the most common mental block! I found out myself last year! My daughter who had been doing a flyaway since 7 years old just one day last year at 11 stopped. And I mean stopped. Just would not let go of the bar. The coach would hold her physically by the waist until she would let go. They honestly tried everything. It was the hardest thing she had faced. For states that year she did giant giant . .pull over . . cast dismount. Oh she was devastated. Today she is a level 8 working level 9 and still does not do a flyway. The stress was overwhelming for her and the coaches decided to drop it and give her a different dismount. Just knowing she doesn't have to do a flyaway was such a relief to her. She does an Arabian beautifully with no problems.

I noticed recently at a meet many gymnasts struggling the same thing. I could tell by the body language of both gymnast and coach!

My point is - don't give up and it is really a common block. If she does it with someone standing there she's in great shape - I wouldn't stress about it at all or make it into more then it is. If she enjoys the sport and can't overcome it there are alternatives. it's only one move.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for all the responses, and for confirming what we really do not want to do which is changing programs(only one coach at that gym). There aren't a lot of choices in our area but we know what really works for her is having comfort and encouragement. We have tried many things, requesting privates(shot down - nothing physically wrong just mental), talking to the coach, and of course the most radical of which going to open gym(its a pretty good drive to this gym, not something we could do every evening). I really prefer not to have to go to open gym, I fully understand the risks of doing so but we were just at wits end. What really prompted this posting was that DD came home in tears claiming that coach told her that she won't be spotted at the meet any more for the flyaway...

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