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After months of no success, a few weeks ago the release came with a tuck into the pit, that was for about 3 months...nothing more. Finally this week it came and last night a beautiful, perfect flyaway that made the optional girls cheer and scream with delight! She received hugs and high-fives, she ran to me (on the other side working with the pre-team) and by the look on her face I knew what had happened! Looking up while hugging her I saw her 2 coachs exchange smiles and high-fives, the day of victory had finally arrived for everyone. Almost a year since she started it would happen. Not only did it happen but above horizontal, tight and stuck! She showed me and then was done, she had rips under her grips so now we will be healing those quickly before this weekend!

This weekend we head to OH for the Buckeye Classic and she's on Sunday morning...she's stoked about going and showing her flyaway for the first time! :p

Thanks to you all for your support and encouragement
Woo hoo!!! That's awesome!!! I had to go look up what a flyaway is (my girl's only a level 2) and that's cool! Way to go!
I know that is a great feeling for your baby!
Mine had beam issues in the beginning of the year and after her first meet of not only staying on, but sticking both back handsprings she jumped into my arms and was laughing and crying... (so was I)

tell her good luck and all of the gymnastics world is proud!

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