Fracrued back!!!!!! OUCH

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united team girl

I went to the doctor because my heel and achilles was hurting,, AGAIN so my mom finally took me. SHe thought i would get insoles and i would be fine, but we told my doctor about my ciatic nerve problems and he got really worried and took a back x-ray. He said he wasnt sure about my back but he was almost positive that it was a fracture. I absolutly LOVE gym and i dont want to quit. So to make sure he is having me get a special test and if it is broken i will have to do physical therapy. UGH. I am thankful i went though cause if i would have waited i would have had to have surgery. Not good. I am nervous and i have a dance recital coming up for my school and i am the star dancer accordin to my teacher. I dont want to tell her i might not be able to do the recital. I am scared. I will keep u updated. So sad. =(. But i figured out it was the growth plates in my heel! lol
Fractured backs stink--trust me on this one--mine is never going to heal. Physcial therapy and some time off should help your back heal fine; my only suggestion is to continue PT after the doctor releases you back to full particpation and activity in sports. I never did any PT and it came back to haunt me.

Hopefully there won't be anything wrong with your back, but definitely keep an eye on your ciatic nerves! Keep us posted and stay positive!!!
Thx. Will do. It turns out a spec scan is the special thing that i have to get, and he cant find anyone that does it where i live yet, so he might have to settle for a ct scan, and i am getting thatr monday and they will be developed by tuesday, so i have another doctors app. tuesday. i miss doing gym so much. So i just go out onto the floor and help them out. Like getting girls into straps for strap bar. Lol. It is kinda fun cause i have always wante to coach. And it is as close as i am getting right now.
that happened to me!! they missed diagnosed me like 3 times though. it started in my ciatic nerve but it slowly traveled up to to my upper back like in between my shoulder blades. and then i finally got a bone scan and it was fractured. my mom actually wanted me to quit after that, but the doctor assured her that i would heal fine and i would be back to "normal" in about half of a year. If you really love gymnastics you should let your back heal and continue on after that. if you do your physical therapy right it should return to somewhat normal

my back today rarley hurts, but that could be beacuse i have so many other injuries im focused on.
Well, they arent going to do the scan on monday which is toady and they have to get a guy from el paso to come in and they r gonna do it wednesday. UGH!!!!!!!!!! I am getting so frusterated. I just want to know.
i feel your pain! i have stress fractures in three different places in my lower now im stuck in a back brace untell my surgery date in July..i hope everything turns out alright for you..but when you get PT continue it even when your finished your back will thank you for it later belive me! if i would've listened and done what i was sappose to 5 years ago when i first hurt my back i wouldnt be in a brace with sever pain now.

so good luck!:)
yup yup. Totally true. I do a dance to the song stronger

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