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Hey guys,

I just thought I would do a quick introduction of myself..

I'm 19 years old and I live in Geelong (which is where the Australian Masters Games will be hosted in 2009!)

I competed for around 4 years when I was young (I only reached level 3 before an unfortunate event occurred and had to transfer gymnastics centres) which shortly after doing so, I broke 3 of my toes and was out of action for quite some time...coming back to gymnastics was very difficult and I soon lost interest (I had started making friends in high school so spending alot of my time in the gym didnt seem fun)

Unfortunately I was about 17 when i realised what a horrible mistake I had made (and at the time i realised this did not know adults could still train) Now I am 19 years old and have started adult gym and am now in training for the 2009 Australian Masters Games-- which is basically for old ex gymnasts :p

I'm spending as much time in the gym as possible (working full time til 8pm every night makes that quite difficult)

Well that was quite a long introduction, sorry! :p
hey that is so kool that u can still do that at my gym in missouri we used to have an adult gymnastics claasss adn my mom took it and she is 40- and can do a back tuck so u can definaly do this
Hello, and welcome. I am a fellow Aussie, and a big supporter of adult gymnastics. Every club around where I live has adults classes. In fact I know of an 80 year old who can still do a standing back tuck.
Hey, welcome to CB! I actually remember passing through Geelong when I was in Australia a couple years ago.

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