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I guess I'm yet another proud parent of my own li'l gynmast. Actually, my boy is not so little any more, but I'll always think of him that way. ;)

He's been in recreational gymnastics for a number of years. Always had fun. Always wanted to learn more. When he started getting bored with the gym we had him in, we shopped around for a place which had more to offer, and we found one. After just a few weeks in their recreational program, the coaches and staff drafted him onto the level 4 team. At 11 years old, he's one of the bigger kids in that group, but still a relative newbie.

As of this writing he has a grand total of 3 competition meets under his belt, and it looks like he's found his sport. We almost lost him when he found out he had to wear a leotard :D, but when he realized that's what those Olympic dudes with the rippling muscles were wearing, he decided it was acceptable.

I've become an avid gymnastics fan and supporter, and I'm glad to find this forum to exploit my questions, observations and general yen to talk about the sport. I look forward to posting some pictures, videos and asking a whole lot of questions.

- Harv
Glad to have you here:)! Yes, the leotards can be a little scary for the boys:eek:! Our boys team just got theirs, and a you could immediately pick out the new team members by the red faces! They all get used to it! The amazing strength and confidence they gain is well worth it!

I have a 10 year old daughter who is level 5, and an 11 year old son that tried gymnastics, but it didn't come very easy for him, so he decided to play guitar instead:)!


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