Gymnastics has driven me crazy.........

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Help!!! :scared:

Tell me I'm not alone. :begging:

I hope I'm not the only one who hears a song and can see a floor routine in my head :blush:


I have been watching dd's optioal and HS teamates work on their new floor routines. Now I cant stop

I'm ready for my straightjacket now:p
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Haha!!The only thing cute about it now is that Alicia Sacramone is who is pictured in my head doing them:D

I hope the Olympics start soon:p
No, I agree, My friends think I am insane. I will say random things like:
  • DD Flipped her tsuk on a Resi today....
  • DD Did a Yurchenko timer with a spot.
  • DD was a little Whippy in her front Lays...
  • DD has a rip...
  • DD needs to shot her ClearHips Higher.
Haha!! I know,

I wanna tell all my friends "DD GOT HER KIP!!!"

But they just wouldnt understand what's exciting about that or know what it is ;)
LOL! I know what you mean! When my dd did cheerleading, we would be out somewhere and a song would come on the radio and I would say "OMG this was in (insert any gym team name here)'s routine during the stunt sequence (or tumbling passes or dance sequence or jump sequence...)" It would get to the point where I would hear a song and think "this would be perfect for the stunt sequence while the flyers are pulling scorps to scales" or "this would be great for their final dance sequence".

Yeah, now I just hear the level 4 floor music in my head all the time!!!
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You know you're in need of some strong medication when you actually start humming the compulsory floor music in public!! Oh yeah----I'm guilty!
Some of our optional girls pick 'pop' music for their floor routines. I have caught myself doing poise, or turn or whatever if I hear that music at home!!!


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