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Hi, again another newbie here. For the past 5 years I have been a coach, a
mother of 3 gymnasts and a judge. (can't make up my mind which I like being the most!!) We live in the desert of Western Australia so Indoor sports was really appealing when we moved here. I am quite excited this
year as a coach, as my eldest (who is nearly 16) is testing for Level 7 and our club has never had a gymnast at that level. Usually once kids turn 14 they give it up. So I am learning all new skills. This forum will be great if I don't understand an element. My Son who is 8 is in Level 3 and has his first comp in August. The youngest is coming up the rear end at 4 years and is excited because she has just learned how to do a cartwheel. :p
Welcome, now that's an interesting place to come from. Hope you enjoy the board.:) What does a level 7 girl and a level 3 boy do in their routines? I know the USA and Australia are not the same. I am from Quebec, Canada (originally from the UK), and our levels are totally differetn too.
Well, Level 7 for girls for bars are kips sole circles, handstand on low bars,
flyaways, floor bhs (which we call backflips) back saults, vault: half on half
off, beam backflips and twisting dismounts. They are the major things. I think compared to US our levels are much lower, unless you are elite.
level 3 boys is quite cute their have to do a candle up on the rings,
pbars lots of swings leg over dismounts. Horse is quite hard alot of scissors
swings. Our terminology is quite different so hopefully you can understand some of this. (for boys gym I am just a mum). It's amazing how much difference their is between girls and boys gym. Kindy gym (gym for under 4) is alot less confusing. What are some of your elements for girls gym? How do your levels (if you have them) work???:eek:
I have two girls.

Oldest is 10, level P2 Tyro
bars - kip -cast- sole circle- kip-baby giant-flyaway
beam - two A acros, jumps, full turn - front tuck dismount
floor - flick- back tuck- fhs- front tuck- jumps- full turn
vault -vault height 115cm- handspring - 1/2 on -

youngest is 8, level precomp training P1/P2(non sanctioned meets)
bars - pulllover-cast-squat on- tap swing- long hang pullover-sole circle dismount
beam - handstand- half turn- jumps -round off dismount
floor - back walkover - handstand forward roll- roundoff- pike back roll. jumps scissone/scisseaux.
vault - handspring to flatback on block stack.

In Quebec we have provincial levels 1-5, 1 is the easiest. We also have recreational levels CR1 -CR3 specialiste, which are for girls who train 8 hours or less a week.
All our gym names are in French, so it can get very confusing. My kids speak French and English, but only use French gym names. Like a squat on bars is a petite bonhomme (how cute is that?)

Our levels are very different from the USA, we do not have compulsories, all girls have their own routine and music, even at the very begining levels. Nice for the parents to watch and less boring, though I think the US system develops better control and technique early on.

Gym is not a big thing here in Quebec and we are from a small gym in a very small town.

I have no experience of boys gym here at all, so I have no insight on how that works. It sounds as though your daughter is around level 7/8 in the us system.
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