Hi from Arizona!

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Greetings from the desert :)
My little gym monkey is named Phoebe, she is 6 and a Level 2, her goal is to make preteam so she can get "the special leo" :) She has been doing gymnastics for 6 months and LOVES IT! We tried her in competitive cheer (because her older sister was in it) but she hated it because they did a lot of standing around. Now we can't keep her out of the gym!
I also have a 4 yo, Paige, who does preschool gymnastics and soccer. And a 10 yo, Parker (she's a girl) who does synchronized swimming and swim team (she says she wants to be the next Natalie Coughlin).
I am a pediatric nurse here in the valley and spend most of time working or being a taxi :D

Hopefully everyone can help me make sense of this sport!

Mesa, AZ
Welcome to CB! I'm sure you will be able to "make sense of the sport" here!
I'm Robin, a gymnast from canada.
Welcome from another AZ mom. I am a nurse as well, but am not working right now. My DD is 6 as well, level 4. :D
Welcome :) I have 3 kids as well. My 11 year old is my gymmie - she is a level 7. My 10 yo dd plays soccer and does theater stuff (singing, etc.) and my 6yo ds plays hockey. This site has tons of great info and support - hope you love it as much as I do.
Welcome to CB. I too am a nurse with a DD who is a gymnast. I have a 7yo level 4. I am in WI, but my brother and his wife are RN's in Phoenix. NICU at Maricopa County.


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