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Hi everyone- I'm hollie and i'm 14. I love gymnastics- I've been doing gymnastics since i was just about walking but never got anywhere wth it. My sister does competitive gymnastics and is working towards Level 3 in UK (about level 7 USAG I think).

not sure what else to say now!!!
Hi Hollie, welcome here. I am sure you will like it here.

May I ask where in UK you are? My husband is from Scotland and my oldest, daughter, the gymnast, was born in Wales. We used to live in England. But now live in Holland, where I am from.
Oh cool. my dd was born in North Wales too, Wrexham. We used to live really close to the border of North Wales, Weston Rhyn, Oswestry. Haven't been there for years now.
Welcome to the forum! I always love hearing about how gymnastics works around the world, so I'm glad you've found us!
Hey there, ho there, how do you do?
Gracefulone says hi to you!

Sorry, no matter how hard I try, once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader.

Out of curiousity, what kinds of skills are you working?
i'm just a recreational gymnast really, I've only done floor and vault competitions.

vault- handspring over 120cm
bars- my worst piece so i cant really do more than a pull over, squat on and straddle shoot dismount.
beam- forward roll/cartwheel, basic leaps and jumps, spins etc. and i can do tuck front dismount.
floor- i learnt r/o bhs yesteday, also i can do fhs, nearly walkovers etc.
Oh ok. I as just wondering. i'm trying to move to level seven.
Right now, here's what I'm working/have.

Bars: clearhips, cast handstand, layout flyaway
Beam: Front walkover-fronthandspring series, switch leap, split jump1/4, backwalkover back tuck dismount, front tuck dismount (I can't decide which I like best!)
Floor: front handspring-front tuck, switch leap-tuck full, layout, r/o-bh-bh step out, pike jump-back extension.
Vault: handspring, 1/2 on.
Hi i'm 8, and i am a level 4 gymnast in the United States. My name is Mckenna. I also just made my roundoff backhandspring without a spotter.:D:D It was the last skill I needed toget be able to compete this year. I have been in gymnastics for two years. I love it!:D:) My favorite event is floor, but I am best on the beam.
Congrats on your backhandspring!!!!!! My backhandspring frustration five years ago was the only time I ever cam close to quitting!
Hello there! :)
Wow, that`s awesome to hear about your gymnastics! I never did gymnastics myself though, but anyway......
Keep us posted on how things go and any new skills you learn! :D

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