How to get over fear from past injury

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Hi guys, first post ever. But I seriously need help. I'm an Xcel gold gymnast. So last month was our first meet of the season. It went great! I got first in all events except floor (which I got silver) my A.A was a 35.5. (Excuse my bragging moment) anyways, unfortunately on beam I messed up really badly on my dismount. It is a front tuck and I landed with my legs completely straight!!

Why would I do that??? Well it was an accident. My coach said it looked like I blew my knees out, they did give out instantly and I collapsed. Excruciating pain for first two weeks, but I only hyper-extended it so of course I kept training. Thing is, I have done my dismount SINCE that night, and my next meet is next month. Not only am I completely terrified to throw it again, I'm scared of everything on beam. I'm falling on stupid things that I usually can do with my eyes closed. I have to "prepare" myself for split jumps, cartwheels, handstands, full turns...etc. And I usually fall off anyways. I'm frustrated, my coach is frustrated, and it really sucks. I'm just so scared! Every practice I say "I'm gonna do it!" and then I get on the beam and freeze...all I see is me landing (cause it's recorded) over and over and over. My coach hasn't realized or she'd force me and I'd probably literally have a panic attack and run somewhere.

Sorry it's so long but PLEASE HELP ME!
It may be recorded, but it's your choice to replay it, or not. The best thing to do it to firmly plant the correct images in your mind and to firmly instruct your body to do what needs to be done to finish the skill safely.

Try standing in whatever position your coach would suggest for your landing, and stay there for 20 seconds while tensing the muscles that hold you in that position. Hold that image in your mind, and reconstruct the tensing sensation as you open up to land. Repeat the process many, many times until you feel absolutely confident in your landing sequence.

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