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Well, the girls have been at new gym for over 2 weeks now and I am so happy, but most of all they are so happy. Smiley girls makes a Mama feel good. Sunshine has completely moved on past the ROBHS and is now doing doubles:p All of her skills have gotten so much better and she has such a great attitude.

Punkin is lovin it, which I think is funny because I didn't realize she was unhappy before. Well anyways I am so glad we made the jump and have actually had a friend from the old gym also move to the new gym.

First meet with the new gym is this weekend, I am kind of nervous as we are in same session as the old gym. Sunshine says she is fine with that, but as a Mom I am nervous. I have seen so much improvement, I don't want anything to set her back mentally right now. I think she will be fine and the coaches who will be at the meet have said they will keep a close eye on her.
So glad that it has worked out for the girls!!! It is weird that you don't realize so much until you are somewhere different. I always thought Abby was super happy at old gym, but when I saw her really happy, I realized she wasn't. Not that she didn't love many things about her old gym, but they just didn't bring out the best in her. The type of coaching used by many of the coaches just doesn't work for my kid and caused many tear filled rides home. It wasn't that the gym she was at was bad, it has many good qualities, it just wasn't the right fit for my girl.

I am sending Sunshine tons of fairies for her meet this weekend. We haven't been at a meet with DDs old gym yet, the gyms seem to run in different circles. We will be at the same meet in 2 weeks, but different sessions.

So glad that her ROBHS issues have been resolved and that she is a happy gymmie at her new gym. :D Sometimes change is good, but sometimes it is really GREAT! Seems like it has been great for Sunshine and Punkin and that is awesome!!!!!
I'm so glad to hear that the gym change has been such a positive experience for your girls, and how quickly they've adapted to the change!

Nothing makes us feel happier as parents than knowing we've made our children happy:). Good for you, making the change as soon as you recognized an issue! Your children are lucky to have such a wonderful, proactive mommy!!

Good luck at the meet in 2 weeks, I know she'll knock your socks off! Oh, and don't forget some tissues..the early meets always bring the tears of pride to the surface.
What wonderful news !! I am so glad that both girls are happy and feel welcome at their new gym.

Cannot wait to hear about the upcoming meet!
SO great to hear that the gym move has worked so well for your girls. It is hard to see the woods for the trees sometimes and it is the same for gym.

Enjoy your first meet, people change gyms all the time and smart coaches move on emotionally, say "Hi", be polite and friendly and all will be well.

Best of luck for the meet, have a blast.
Glad to hear that the girls are doing well, which in turn make mom happy too! :D

GL for the first meet in a couple of weeks. If Sunshine is fine with it, then she will do great...

Have fun...
sigh . . . isn't that just a huge weight off your shoulders? You did good! I'm sure they'll be fine.

Funny story . . . My DD was working out at the new gym and still competing with old gym at the end of last season . . . I was SO nervous that at states the two teams would see each other - that there would be a problem. And what happens? the two gyms are not only at the same session but are grouped together for rotation! My life flashed before me . . . everyone just smiled at each other . . . it was all good.

SO it's all good . . . no worries momma . . you did good
My daughter also competed against her old gym at a meet and I was nervous going in (she was fine , of course!) until she beat the pants off them and validated why we had changed gyms in the first place.

By the end of the year, the girls in her level from the old gym didn't make it beyond regionals (and some barely made it there) and she had moved onto the Nationals and did quite well. One more validation! So don't worry, nothing brings the right decision home more that seeing them succeed.:)
You must feel so relieved. :relieved: Good luck to both of them!
I'm so glad that both dds are happy and have adjusted so quickly. I'm sure that the upcoming meet will be fine, but sending fairies anyway. I'm sure that you will be more nervous than she'll be, lol. Hopefully, as long as you remain cordial and say hello to the old gym...they will do the same.

Good luck!
Yeah! So glad the new gym is so much better for the girls. Good luck at the meet this weekend! I'm sure it'll be just fine :)
Same situation for us. We started a new gym in May and I wish I had done it long before. Gymnastics is fun for my daughter again, no more tears. Congrats to you and your girls for a successful transition. Hope it continues...and good luck at the competition!:)
So happy for you and your dd's! It is such a relief when a big change turns out to be a better one too! We changed gyms last year and it was so stressful in the weeks leading up, but once we actually changed, it was so obvious to us that it was meant to be.

My dd had a meet with her old team, and sure enough, was in the same rotation (why does it always happen that way?), but it ended up being such a great experience for her. After all of her events, her old teammates and coaches clapped for her, and after the meet, there were lots of hugs. Good Luck at the meet and so glad you guys are happy!

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