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I have been trying forever to get my BHS and RBH but I just can't seem to get it. Most of it is mental block but also I need tips on how to do it too. I have also been trying to get my kip but I am too tall to do the glide first on the low bar. Please help!
For back handsprings:

- It is easier (for me and most people I know) to get it standing first and then practicing connecting it to a roundoff with a spot after you are comfortable doing it by yourself

Drills I liked doing when I was learning a BHS was

- Doing it over an octagon mat
- Doing it on a resi mat (though I feel like it was harder to transition to the regular floor from that mat)
- Back limbers (back walkover but you kick both legs over at the same time, when you get more comfortable with back limbers, you can try doing it with the arm motions and a little jump before it)

For kips/glide:

- See if your coach can raise a low bar a bit
- Try to pike your body more when you jump, and then extend once your hips are more on the other side of the bar, then bring your shins to the bar and shoot then towards the ceiling
- It could also be that you don't have a lot of core strength, which helps with glides and kips

Many drills that my gym did to get kips did not help me, but here are some drills my gym did

- tying a band to each end of the low bar and placing out feet on it to work our glide and kips
- placing two blocks about hands width apart, sit in a pike sit, lay back with your hands on the block, and practicing rolling to that pike sit and lift your butt off the ground with your arms to work on keeping your arms straight when you pull up onto the bar at the end of your kip

Sorry for a longer post, But I hope it helps and good luck! (if you are confused about any drills, I will try to attach videos later, I ran out of time to find then right now)
Sorry My account was deleted I accidentally put in the wrong year of birth when signing up. Thank you for the tips and I will try them out when I go to the gym!
For those struggling with standing BHS, I will have them stand tall, then swing down and squat-then pause with a spotter supporting them. At this point, they should not be able to stand back up. You should slightly fall back into your BHS as you jump.

Often, the connection from round-off to BHS is a fear of going backwards. One simple drill: Start on a panel mat. Jump backwards and rebound tall. Once you're comfortable, jump back and rebound into a BHS.

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