Gymnasts Is high school gymnastics worth it?

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Hi, I am a xcel gold/platinum gymnast. I am thinking of doing high school gymnastics but have run into a few problems that have held me back from my decision.

Since in my state, the requirements for high school gymnastics are based on level 8/9, I would score VERY low compared to what I am used to (I score 34s-35s in gold, while most of my friends who do HS that are gold/platinum get 26s-28s).

In my state, you also can not compete club gymnastics and HS gymnastics at the same time, so I would have to take a break from competing with my club team for about 2 months, which is when most of my club meets take place.

This has impacted my choice in deciding due to nationals qualification taking place during any of my club or hs meets. However, since I am 99% sure I will be doing platinum next season, I am not confident enough with my ability to meet the qualification score for nationals, and with potentially doing HS, would lower my chance even more significantly.

So in your experiences, how did you like high school gymnastics, would you recommend it, and if you were in my situation right ow, would you have chosen to compete HS?

Thank you!
Sounds like high school gymnastics is popular in your area and if you like the idea of representing your school I'd recommend giving it a shot. It's a different atmosphere and experience than club gymnastics and maybe one of those things you'll look back on fondly.
High school gymnastics is a great way to be involved with your school (and maybe get some recognition through the school such as with lettering). It's especially nice for people who may not be interested in team sports like basketball to feel connected to their high school community. You will also meet other kids who share your same passion. If these things are important to you, you should absolutely consider your high school team. I wouldn't worry about how you may potentially score in high least with the high school gymnastics in my state, all levels are included.

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