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My dd had her 1st competition of this season, she only has 2 a year, unless she would make the semi final. But that isn't going to happen again, cause she didn't do well at all.

We know she has trouble with the vault and that really didn't go well. The first time she hardly even touched the table, the 2nd time she just about made it, but touched the table with her behind and fell on her knees. Before that she had floor and I thought she did okay, but obviously they saw plenty of things that didn't go well. After fault she had bars, well that was the one thing that went well, but because she doesn't do the dismount, she gets 1½ point deduction. Then beam she has times she can really nail it, she does it really neatly, but she came off 3 times, that was such a shame. So, out of the 20 girls that should have competed, only 18 did and she was 17th. So she was very disappointed and of course the trainer and us were too. Eventhough we knew she wasn't going to score high, we thought it would have gone better than it did.

I hope this time she will really realize that she is the one who has to do the work. We are not upset at her or anything, but she knows she can do better, also at the trainings. She is the one who wanted to join the team, because she wanted to do harder things, but then suddenly says they are scary. Anyways, I feel sad for her, but also know she has to work harder next time.

She has 2 months to prepare for the next competition. She will have to work on her handspring on floor, handspring over vault table, salto off the high bar and being more stable on beam. So lots of work to do and so little time, they only train like 3 hours a week, so that isn't much.

Our club did get 3 medals though. 1 silver in the 9 year olds level, 1 silver in the 10 year old level and 1 gold, (in Talitha's level). There was another session after Talitha's, with 3 of our club, so will have to wait and see if there are any medals there.

When I have the little films uploaded and on Talitha's website, I will let you know.
So sorry to hear the competition didn't go well. Really didn't help that the last practice had to be cancelled. I did check out her website(which is great!!) and she has learned so many skills in such a short time. That and consider she only gets 3 hours of practice/week!!! Sounds like the salto off of high bar is close to or the same as our Level 6 dismount which is a flyaway and can be done as a tuck, pike or layout. I know you are all disappointed especially since she only does 2 meets per year. Tough to work all those skills in just 3 hours and if fear is creeping in on a few of them it gives her little time to work through it.

We all would love to see her meet videos when they are up. As she gets older, taller(even by a small amount) fear can become an issue and something you, Talitha and her coach will need to discuss and work through.
I am going to upload them now.

You are right about that it is quite little training hours. Talitha would love to train more, but the opportunity just isn't there. The hall we use it shared with lots of other sports. I have asked a question at another club a while ago, about her training there 2 hours extra a week, without moving clubs. And the possibility is there. I had to get in contact with someone else of the club, and I mailed her, but never got a reply. And then we couldn't afford it anyway. So, I might want to try next year again.

Also next year will be somewhat easier for her, because then she can decide what she will do in her exercises. This year everything is still compulsary.

I don't think her height will be much of a problem. I am only 5"3 and my husband is like 5"7. Talitha now is 4"6.

I will make a new post once the pictures are on her website.
I watched the videos:) I think she did great:) I say way to go and her next meet will be a lot better I bet:) I hope she nails the next meet to qualify for the 3rd one:)
Tell her just to stay positive and keep practicing and she will do better and better and get stronger and stronger.
Thanks Melmonette. I don't think she will make the semi final anymore, unless she becomes first. But that is okay, as long as she feels herself she has done better.

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