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flippin fool 08

Ok it is finnaly here of friday i start compeating and I am so excited but when I wake up that morning I won't even want to get out of bed I will be so scared and ya.

WHAT SHOULD I DO????????????
You seriously need to relax. Don't psych yourself out. You have to be ready to go out there and have a great time, really perform it.
I have the exact same problem! I get so nervous at competitions! I practice my routines perfectly during training but they suck in competitions because im so nervous.
One thing I have recently been doing (which i think is helping) is not watching any routines of the gymnasts i'm competing against.
Also one time before beam i talked to a fellow gymnast and totally took my mind off the competition...and when i did my routine i didn't shake at all! Ok, i was a little shaky at the end, but it was so much better than usual (and i ended up getting 1st)lol
hope this helps XD
Well if you have an ipod listen to pump it up music and don't watch your teammates. I totally can't watch my teammates on beam if I have to go after them. SO I don't really watch them then I go and kick butt! haha

What level r u?
You just have to remember that you're doing this for yourself, and no one can stop you. This is your time to shine! Before I go, I just think to myself, "Hey, this is what I do, and I have the power to do it!" Just give it your all!!!! good luck!!!!
thanks i am compeating level 6 but some of my coaches think that i can compeat level 7

take a deep breath and dont hold back u fall...u fall it 1 meet out of like 1 bizziloin u will do!!!!! just RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

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