I've always LOVED gymnastics

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Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie and I'm new here. I am a college student and I was in gymnastics for about nine years or so. I miss it terribly but I am glad to have found a place where others love to talk gymnastics! Talk to you soon!!
Glad to have you here...welcome to The Chalk Bucket.
Hey! Sounds Cool.No trouble finding poeple to talk gymnastics to here!
Hi, Welcome!

Hi Stephanie!
I have a brand new level 4, so anything we learn from this board about gymnastics is all good, LOL

I'm from NJ and my daughter is 6 years old. She's been going for over 3 years now & loves it! You did 9 years, WOW! Did you have to stop because of an injury or just to move on to college?

hey sharon

I didn't get an injury to make me stop - it was a combination of things: moving, new school, growing a few inches in the process, family stuff - you know Life things I guess. I wish it hadn't been that way, but things happen for a reason. I'm in college now, I'm a theatre student - so I suppose that ending gymnastics didn't end that need I have to perform.
I am very excited though to be part of this community! Gymnastics always sticks with you.

I am glad you found this site! I have been doing gymnastics for 10 years now and I still love it. That sucks that you had to stop gymnastics but I hope you have fun college!!:D

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