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gymgirl0805's Mom

we were at open gym yesterday. both girls went and at the end, morgan (my 5 year old) got a CARTWHEEL ON BEAM.. i about fell out.. i soooooooo wish i had my camera to get it on video but luckily there were other parents standing around so i had witnesses but i seriously couldn't believe it. she did several and just barely missed most of them (would get one foot on the beam but not the other) but she did end up completely sticking 2 of them..

and chelsea got her squat on to the high bar the other day too!!!

anyway, just had to brag a little
Woo hoo!!! Good job girls!

My DD has been working on her beam cartwheel, too. It seems to come and go. One day she did about twelve of them and the next time she tried, she couldn't stick even one. She keeps doing the same thing of getting one foot but not the other, or only getting the edge of her foot and slipping off.
how awesome! A's cartwheels on beam are similar. she has a beam at home that we made her and though she rarely uses it for anything except playing on it, she does sometimes practice cartwheels. she gets one foot usually, but not the other. must be normal progression for cartwheels on beam. :D

isn't it fun to watch them work so hard and then get those skills. they are some amazing kids!
Congratulations to both your girls! I have noticed the same thing with the cartwheel. It seems like some days my dd can stick one after another and other days she is just missing it. Of course, they don't practice this all that much yet as they are still trying to perfect the L4 skills, but she works on it on her floor beam at home.


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