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She had clubcompetition yesterday, for some reason youtube postings aren't working. So, I will just put the link to go to my account and you can see them there.

It was just the girls of her club. In total we have 19 girls in the slection team, 2 weren't there. And the trainer divided them in groups of 4 to make it honest, since some of the girls are older, better, or did better in the regional competitions.


It didn't go as well as she can do. She started on beam, which of course isn't the best apparatus, and she came off twice, I so felt for her. If that hadn't happened, she probably would have been 3rd or even 2nd. She was 4th now. But she did really well on bars, so wanted to show it.

Figured out how it works again, so you can watch it here now:



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I can't view through your links here, but I watched them yesterday on you tube... maybe you should just post the links if you are at you tube you can just copy it and then paste it into your post

I already commented yesterday on you tube, but wanted to say again GREAT JOB Talitha!!!!! :D Her bars were beautiful, she did well in her other events too, but bars especially.... I am sure that nerves don't help at the meets. And her progress from the 1st time you posted WOW! what a difference... video as much as you can before camp. You may not recognize her in the gym when she comes home:D - nic
Thanks Nic, she sure has improved from the last times. I am bummed that I didn't get her vault. I knew the 2nd one I was too late, but I thought I had the first one, but I didn't.

I can't video anything anymore now, before camp, cause the season is finished. But I hope they will tape some stuff at the camp. There will only be 15 girls at the camp and in the 5 days they will train about 15 hours or so, so hopefully they will make time to make photos and that.

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