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I need help. I am a gold gymnast training platinum for this upcoming season and I have all the skills required for platinum but 1. That 1 is a B skill on beam. I HATE going backwards on beam and we have tried alternatives but none of worked out. I was wondering if I would be aloud to compete without it and how much of a deduction I would get if it wasn't competed. Also I am looking for any suggestions on skills that are on the easier side of B skills. I would be so grateful with any help I get.
There are so many options! Always talk to your coach, but here are some of my personal favorites. Some of these, like the split 1/2, are Cs, but you can do C level dance for B credit.

Press handstand mount, straddle down

Straddle jump

Pike jump

Straight jump 3/4

Split jump 1/2

1.5 turn

Full turn with leg to 45

Y scale 2 seconds

V support 2 seconds

HS FWD roll

Backward roll to HS



BWO straddle down



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