Parents Mom2brats, how is your dd doing?

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Is she adjusting ok? That temporary cast thing is very heavy, just be getting old lugging that thing around!

Also meant to say - yoga pants (that are easy to pull down, and sleeveless shirts! Luckily you should be able to find those with not much problem this time of the year.

Let us know how she is faring.....

Lisa :)
Aw, thanks for thinking of us. She's doing really well although I think she will be very happy to get that heavy cast off. Funny thing... the truth about her accident finally came out yesterday. Aparently she did not fall off the monkey bars. Rather, she was doing tap swings on a bar at the playground and fell off. I think she was afraid that if she told me, I'd keep her from doing gymnastics. We had a talk about leaving gymnatics at the gym. The school is also considering taking that bar down. There are 3 team gymnasts in Allison's class and they like to use that bar to practice bar skills. I suppose it was only a matter of time, but it would have been nice if the inevitable injury was slightly less traumatic.

We went by the gym Monday when ds had his rec class and she was able to visit with her teammates. I thought she'd have a hard time being there but they let her go out on the floor and sit with her team while they were doing stuff and she had a hard time leaving, so she seemed to enjoy it. We also talked to the HC, who did not seem at all concerned about her ability to compete L5 next year anyway. She already has all the L5 skills and knows the routines. They aren't pretty, but she'll be coming back about the same time of year as she started last year (without most of the L4 skills) so most likely she'll sit out the first few meets but still be fine. I kind of thought that was the way it would go, but it was nice to see him just shrug it off like it wasn't even going to be an issue. She'll also be able to go back and condition and be with the team as she's ready so I think it will be fine.

Fortunately, we already have lots of stretchy pants... thing you can do gymnastics in, right?? The shirts have been harder but so far we've been able to make do and it will get a lot easier once that bulky soft cast comes off. Thanks again for asking!
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When my dd broke her arm I bought her a bunch of halter tops that we just pulled up and tied around her neck. I am not sure if the weather allows for halters where you are, but it worked great for her.

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