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It's on the NBC website now everyone.

*All times given are central.*

Saturday 8/9/08: 7-11pm Men's gymnastics qualification. Also swimming at same time. Channel NBC 5 (HD) Live!

Sunday 8/10/08: 1am-5am Men's gymnastics qualification, also beach volleyball and swimming. Channel NBC 5 (HD)

Sunday 8/10/08: 6pm-10pm Women's gym qualifying, also swimming and diving. Channel NBC 5 Live!

Monday 8/11/08: 1am-4am rerun of above NBC 5

Monday 8/11/08: 5pm-7pm recap of above, equestrian. Oxygen (OH)

Monday 8/11/08: 7pm-11:30 pm Men's team final, swimming, beach volleyball, diving. Live! NBC 5

Tuesday 8/12/08: 5-7pm Gymnastics (recap) and the jumping phase as gold is determined in equestrian's eventing competition. Oxygen (oh)

Tuesday 8/12/08: 7-11pm Live women's team final, also swimming and volleyball.

Wednesday 8/13/08 7pm-12am: Live men's all around finals, also swimming, beach volleyball, diving, and cycling NBC 5

Thursday 8/14/08 7pm-12am: Live women's all-around finals, also swimming and volleyball NBC 5

Sunday 8/17/08 (let's hope we win lots b/c it's my b-day!!!): 6-11pm Gold-medal finals include the women's 100m and steeplechase on the track, individual event finals in gymnastics (men's and women's floor, women's vault, men's pommel horse), women's 3m diving and the eights in rowing. NBC 5

Monday 8/18/08 7-11pm: LIVE! Beach volleyball semifinal-round action. Also: Individual event finals in gymnastics (men's rings and vault, women's uneven bars), the women's trampoline final and multiple gold-medal events in track and field, including the men's long jump and women's 800m. NBC 5

Tuesday 8/19/08 7-11pm: (LIVE) Men's beach volleyball semifinals. Also, event finals in gymnastics (men's p-bars and high bar, women's beam), multiple gold-medal finals in track and field (women's 100m hurdles, men's 1500m) and the men's 3m diving final. NBC 5

More replay schedules and such available here: http://www.nbcolympics.com/tv_and_online_listings/zone=CT/sport=GA/index.htm

I got tired of typing everything! But these are the basics.
I've copied this from the TV schedule to here, it will be stuck until the games are over.

Lets keep this thread just for schedules, not discussion of the games themselves. We can begin creating threads in the Olympic forum to discuss each event.

Cannot wait...:)

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