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last night my dad came home from Nevada with a puppy for my mom

it is a great pyranese dog and it is 9 weeks old

i don't like dogs. My dog drives me nuts and it stinks so bad. When i was little i was so scared of dogs, and now i just hate them. Last year my family bought a dog while i was gone. It is the most annoying dog. We have those glass back doors, and the dog jumps halfway up, and can open the door by jumping up and hanging on the handle. Its a miniature pinscher, and it smells so bad.
sorry i cant get a photo because the size is too big or something
Congrats on your new family member. I have a Grt Pyr also, Tessa. We adopted her about a yr ago. She is a wonderful dog. All she cares about is being loved and petted. I had got toys for her, but she doesn't care about them at all. She's a great big bear. We broke down and had her hair cut a couple months ago and now that we're used to it, we like it short. The maintainance on the long coat is really time consuming. She actually seems to like it also. I know you'll love your new friend. Enjoy!
i love our new puppy
we named him Reno

to Laurameer
our puppy is a short haired pyranese so it wont be as much of a hassle but he is like a little polar bear
Congrats on your new best friend.

I agree with maddiekates - mine does drive me up the wall, particuarly when she barks late at night!!!

Make sure you look after it well!
I've had a dog for a few months now for the first time ever. She's a chocolate lab and she's awesome :D She doesn't bark very much at all and she walks herself when I open the door. She's very big but she is nothing to be afraid of...the worst thing she would ever do to anyone is lick them or flop down on her back right in front of you when your trying to walk somewhere (she does it cuz she wants her belly scratched)!

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