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Now that regionals is over, I'm curious... has there been any info about the new compulsory routines put out there? Any speculations? My son will be a level 5 next season, and curious what changes might be coming!
I’ve been getting slivers of info from the minutes from the Men’s program committee on the USAG website.

From 2/24/24

d. Junior Program – Bhavsar, Klein, Pakanich, Sargsyan

iv. The 2025-2028 Junior Competition manual is being finalized. The compulsory
programs are complete, and that portion of the manual is being created and formatted . The optional /elite portion is still being worked on. The goal is to have the new program out to the community by May 1 and to hold two virtual presentations for the entire men’s community on May 22 and May 24, which will outline the new Junior program.

v. The Men’s Program Staff are working on revamping the Future Stars Camp for
2025 to include more athletes and combine with our National Coaches
Workshop. The plan will be for this event to be held in the Summer of 2025.

The "book" is out if anyone is curious like me. Level 5 seems to have literally zero routine changes, so that's good. Level 4 floor took out the stretch jump, which caused my son more than zero problems over the past two years, haha. Glad to see that gone! The scoring changes are interesting, and will take some adjusting too, simply because we'll need to rethink what a "good" score is! The level 6 routines are very different, but I don't know enough about anything beyond level 4/some level 5 to even know what some of that stuff is! We also don't do level 6 at our gym, so its a moot point around here.

My son is enjoying the "off season" right now and pushing for those bonuses! He's got a minimum of two years at level 5 regardless (because he'll be competition age 10 this year and no level 6 at our gym), but he wants to go D1 this year instead of D2. They won't make that official decision for a little while and he's a determined little bugger.
I like the new level six, but possibly just because it suits my kid. I like that the base routines are not too hard and that the bonuses allow a lot of growth. I’ll bet some kids will struggle with the required full split.

I’m not thrilled about the new take on future stars. By moving the competition from October to the beginning of the year, they are making it so the 10-year-old division will be made up almost exclusively of nine-years-olds, which is a big difference for such young kids. They wanted to increase participation but I do not understand how raising the difficulty and lowering the age wil do that. They have not released the 6E/FS routines but they are expected to be a version of the level 6 routines with mandatory bonus skills. The 6E 10yos and 11yos will have different routines and will compete in separate divisions during the regular season. In my region, the odds of having more than one 6E 10yo at a meet is very low. That means that anyone who decides to do it would bring home 7 golds, even if they fell on every event. My kid might do 6E-10yo. But I’m not excited about him going to meets without any competitors. I’m afraid it will feel like a mock meet with medals. My son has his regional select team camp next weekend. Almost all of the potential level 6e kids will be there. I hope we get some more info.

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