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I'm new too, discovered this site about a week ago and I love it!

I'm a mom to 2 gymnasts. They do USAG and USAIGC.
DD#1 just turned 11 - she finished her 1st Level 7 season in January and now is competing as a 2nd yr Silver level in USAIGC.
DD#2 is 7.5 - she is Level 5 USAG and 2nd yr Bronze USAIGC
What is USAIGC?

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It is also sometimes called "college bound" gymnastics. From what I've learned, many gyms that compete USAIGC, have a USAG team and a separate USAIGC team. Our team happens to compete both. The things my girls like about it is getting to do Optional routines even in the lower levels.
My dd's gym in NY did both USAG and USAIGC. She was really bummed when she found out they don't do USAIGC where we are now.
Hi gymmonkeymomma! Welcome, I'm a newbie too. Two gymnasts! That must keep you on your toes:) Pardon the pun...I couldn't resist!!!

You'll feel right at home here. I was so glad to see USAGIC. My dd competed several years before we moved gyms. LOVED IT!!!

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