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New to the site - heard about from a friend- looks great!!!!

My 8 year old just broke her elbow almost 2 weeks ago. She still has been going to class 9 hours a week & conditions & does anything she can!!! The thing is ...we go to State this Saturday April 26th. She was/is very upset, understandably so. She has worked so hard, so many hours & so many private lessons. Her bar & floor routine are so beautiful with her coaches telling her 9.5's were taking us to elite at State, this being her first State meet. This would have only been her 5th meet total. Getting ready to move to level 5 as well as the rest of her team. She is a very tough little girl, gymnastics is on her mind almost every hour of the day. My front room is a mini gymnasium. She is not discourged as the Dr. told her she can go back to gymnastics as soon as she heals.

As the weekend is fast approaching, she is very upset that she will be warming up with her team but not in competition.

Does anyone have any words of advice I can give her, has anyone been in this situation? I hate seeing her look at her gymnastics trophys & medals on the wall & tears run down her face while she says" why would god let happen?":confused:

Any suggestions would be welcome- thanks so much!

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Welcome to CB.

I am sorry to hear about your daughters elbow, and right before states. I wish that I had some good advice for you.

There really is no way to explain why "God would let this happen". I never really figure out why something (that I think is terrible ) happens until a long time later. then I reflect back and say oooohhh, Now I get it. That being said. I don't think there is an 8 yr old on the planet that would get that.

I would just try to be as supportive as possible, try to make the day as special as you can for her. Help her cheer on her teammates. There will be other state meets in her future.
Welcome to CB and funny ting is I broke my Foot 2 weeks before my state combetition lol well the best advice you can give her in my opinion is to
  1. Stay Calm
  2. Take It Easy
  3. Go support your teamates at state
  4. Don't give up
  5. Dont do anything that can possibly hurt it
  6. Dont doubt herself
  7. Stay in shape (learned that the hard way lol i gained a lil bit of weight :p)
  8. Do lost of stretching and condetioning
  9. Dont eat junk food and dont lay around a lot
  10. And last but not least, Have Fun, dont be depressed
Oh and if she has any questions on the 5 routines you can ask me for i took 1st at ALL of my meets but 3 (2 by the same girl then when i roke my foot and i did not compete state) Ok and also i have had four 9.5 on bars so ya any question i can help :)
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Welcome to the group and I am sorry your dd broke her elbow:( I hope it heals fast and she is back in full action working on level 5 soon.
I have an 8 year old daughter too who is now starting her official training as a level 5 too. Our state meet was at the end of March.
I know girls who have been out for regionals and had a great shot at making nationals. it really is depressing, but you have to optimistic. 5 good things that will come out of this are:
1. You will go to State to support your teammates. The coaches and other teammates will realize how supportive you are and your bond will grow.
2. Since the time off, you will realize how much you really love gymnastics and will be pumped when you get to do things again.
3. The time off will give your body some time to heal itself-we gymnasts need it!
4. It's only level 5. Yes, it is heart-crushing not to go, but it's not like you don't get to qualify to regionals or nationals. Plus, college coaches won't be like wow she won level 5 state (and based off what you've said, she has the chance to win the higher levels, then the college coaches will be like dang! level 10 state champion!)
5. It's happening now, and not when you are older. You don't have the harder skills that you have to do coming back, and you have less fear.
~And God will guide us through everything. Just trust Him and you will be blessed. Sometimes, we cannot understand things, but everything is for a reason...don't believe me? SEE ABOVE!
Welcome - and sorry to hear about your daughters elbow. My dd broke her recently too - of course her timing was a little better - it was a few days after her state meet. The good thing is that these girls are in such good shape that it healed quickly and she was back to flipping all over the place in no time.

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