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DD (7) is training level 4 and tonight she did her front hip circle by herself for the first time. So the only things that she needs to get are her ROBHS on the floor (she can do it on the tumble track), mill circle with consistency (she hits it 25% of the time), cut back after the mill circle, and her level 4 vault.

She will not be competing until Jan '09 so we should be good to go on those level 4 skills and get a jump on level 5 skills.

CONGRATS on the skills...they will come really quickly now! Jan 09 is plenty of time to work/perfect them too! Try not to worry too much about those first couple of ROBHS...the first few are really scarey to watch, but they get do better, LOL, and I don't hold my breath anymore.
Congrats on the hip circle! The others will come along, it is great to see how excited the girls get when they get a new skill!
Congrat's on the front hip circle. My dd is also working for L4. She is still in need of the front hip circle. She has her mill circle, beam dismount and ROBHS, not sure about the vault.

Good luck - your dd has plenty of time. My dd needs all by September to compete L4 with the team otherwise I guess it is one more year of competing L3.
Yay for her! One of our new L4s is sooo close that I get frustrated for her. LOL. I am sure your DD will get all those skills by Jan 09. We have 2 seasons at our gym, Sept-Dec and Jan-March, so I am sure she will eventually get to compete. :D
Sound like she is doing great and has plenty of time to get everything by January. Enjoy this time - watching them get all those level 4 skills for the first time is one of the most fun times as a gym parent :)
A great big congrats to your little sweetie! She is well on her way - with plenty of time to perfect (even though it will be here in a snap), I bet she will be very confident next season:D

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