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So here I am again!!! :( Oldest DD has been suffering with back pain for a month or so, so we cut down her hours and took away the BWO priviliges. We thought that would help, but two weeks ago her right hip began to hurt when she does anything, gym, tramp, running. I took her out of gym and did all the right stuff to no avail. It has taken me a week to get an appointment with the sports therapist where there is an ortho working. SO we'll be off there tomorrow to have her checked out.

Funny thing is it was exactly a year ago that she had to take a month off for hip pain. It did pass, so I have my fingers crossed. She has mild scoliosis which I am assuming caused the back pain which in turn caused her to compensate and make the hip hurt. ICK!:eek:

Good job she didn't make it to Provincials and she would've been so devastated, as it is she is missing training routines so a loss in conditioning but not pleasure.

Send me any spare healing fairies/karma you have, she really wants to go to IGC in July and she can only go if she is fit to train.
What, what a tough kid to take all that pain!!

Sending you healing faries to get there ASAP. I hope she is able to go to IGC - my DD is headed there for her 4th year and she absolutely loves it! It would really stink to have to miss it, after having some rough experience this year.

I hope things go well tomorrow.
Ouchies, sorry she is aching. You do not want to mess w/ pain in either the back or hips, no siree. SO good for you, for getting her in.

for what it's worth, we were told by my dd's scoli docs, that scoli, in & of itself, is not painful. But i guess posture issues and over working the joints secondary to off-kilter posture might lead to pain. Hopefully your dd does not have some sort of injury. Joint pain could also suggest growth plate issues, which mine gets w/ gym a lot, (sever's disease, etc.), 'cause she grows like a weed all the time.

Hope it all goes ok for her. please keep us posted!
Sorry to hear she is dealing with this again. Hoping it is nothing serious and that she will be all better before IGC. Lots of healing vibes going to her.
I am so sorry to hear that she is going through this again. Big {HUGS} to your big gymmie. She is such a tough kid, it always amazes me what she is willing to go through for her sport. All the good luck and healing fairies from here are on their way! Hopefully it won't be anything serious, but glad you are checking it out. It is so hard to see them in pain.
Lots of healing fairies headed your way. Has she hit another growth spurt? That can affect girls with scoliosis and she's at just that age. Hope the doc has an answer for you and dd is on the road to recovery quickly.
Thanks all. Definitely another growth spurt, 12 is really all about that I guess.

We went to the sports therapist and she was given a thorough going over. Her spine is twisted a little to one side and she has inherited lordosis as well. One side of her back muscles are very tight because of the spinal twist and that is causing the quad muscle to pull on the tendon attatched to the bone.

The upshot is it is not bone related really, she will have to strengthen, stretch, ice and all that stuff again. No gym until the pain is gone and weekly visits for ultrasound etc. SHe is not too upset about it, just wants the pain to go away.

She is a determined child and doesn't want to quit. Luckily our gym is very low pressure and she will not suffer from not training. As we have learned she progresses much more slowly than girls who train year round and more hours, but she still benefits from the exercize and really loves to be in the gym.

In the end gymnastics is what you make of it and she is happy just to do gym.

THanks again for all the support, it really helps to know that you get it, my "normal" friends think we are nuts! Well, maybe that's true.......
it really helps to know that you get it, my "normal" friends think we are nuts! Well, maybe that's true.......

Of course it's true! That's why we love ya! :D Can't have any normal people wasting our time around here, now can we?

But seriously, I am glad she is going to be ok. Sorry she has to slog thru the ice, stretch, ultrasound, etc., routine. Not easy for girls her age to be patient thru all that. And she IS an amazingly patient & level-headed kid. And yes, she should/will continue to enjoy gym on her terms, and that's just fine.

Sending her the muscle-loosening-stretching-healing fairy! :)

sorry to hear that older DD is having pain. As I shared previously, I have scolosis. It is not fun, I ended up favoring some muscles and then causing more pain because of it.

i hope that she can see down the road this is for the best. In her adulthood it will be nice to have it all under control.

Good luck!

P.S. I am glad you think of us as your UN Normal Friends.
I am glad that it is nothing bone related and hope that she can get better quickly and back to doing what she loves. She really is such an inspiring girl. She keeps doing whatever it takes do do what she loves and is happy to do it on whatever terms she gets to do it on. You have done a great job!
Hey Bog,
Glad it is not bone related. I also have scolliosis. I do suffer from back and hip pain quite often. Of course I am a wee bit older too!!! One of my legs os a tad shorter due to the slight curve, I am sure that has something to do with it.

Good luck with the stretching & I hope she feels better soon.
She's working hard and has seen some reduction in the pain. I am sure taking away the punding for a bit really helps, though she is restless and ored silly. Bike riding is not as much fun to her.

This will be a life long issue for her and she will have to learn to adapt and deal with it. I can feel her frustration though, seeing the other girls keep going and improving and not struggling like this is tough. But I am sure that the tenacity she has learned will be a life long gift.

Hoping that a month will fix it, mayb e less we'll see.
Oh no Bog! I am so sorry to hear that. I am sending all the get well and heal fast fairies your way!!!! I often wonder if Dani will be at risk for back pain as she gets older. She is very flexible in the back and hips and she is always going around the house cracking her back. She says it feels good when she does it but it sounds horrible!!! I cringe everytime she does it. EEEK.

Hopefully Bigger Bog's back and hip pain will pass just like it did before.


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