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Do girls in your gym where shorts over their leos?

No shorts in our gym. Team girls where just their leos. All levels. A lot of videos I see on youtube have girls wearing shorts over their leos. Just wondering.
In the summer the girls can wear shorts over their leotards

When training for competition, then it is only when the girl has her period. The coaches want to be able to see their hip placement for form
Some of our girls wear shorts but most don't. My DD wanted to, and she does wear them on the way to and from the gym, but I won't let her wear them during practice. I think they get in the way, especially on bars.
Lots of the girls in our gym wear shorts over their leos. They have to take them off on bars though. Other than that they are allowed.
Shorts all the way for my DD. She has about 8 pairs of GK shorts that match her leos. Since they are the GK shorts, they are tight so her form can be seen.

A lot of girls in the gym wear tight matching GK shorts. They are not allowed to wear other soffe like shorts because those are too baggy. But most girls wear the GK shorts.
Pre-puberty (most of the compulsories) - nothing but a leo.

Post-puberty - microshorts allowed (must be as tight as the leo, no soffees), except for the week of competition, then it's leos only.
Our gym is fine with shorts as long as they are the GK shorts because they are tight. Most girls wear them on different days, just depends on what leotard they are wearing. My dd has certain leotards that she like to match with her shorts.:eek:
Only GK shorts allowed over leos. Most of the older girls (tweens up) wear them. Little Monkey only wears them once in a while because "you can't wear them to competitions so why wear them to the gym?" (7 yr old logic).
The micro GK shorts are allowed for any practice except "team" day. My DD wears them because the give her some extra padding on bars. She used to complain about her hips hurting. Now I think she just wears them because everyone else does, LOL
Micro shorts only are allowed. Some wear them, some don't. Mine is one that doesn't like them. Asked if several times if she wanted a pair and she said no----didn't like the feel of all the extra fabric??!! Ok, so she'll save me some money right now.

At our home optional meet a girl warmed up with shorts on. Yes, they had the name of her gym on the butt, but it looked a little messy. She did remember to take them off before she competed.
Most of the older girls at our gym seem to. The GK shorts mostly. My DD only wears them for rope climbing since she says it hurts her inner thighs. She doesn't have any GK shorts though and I doubt those would help much for her case.
GK Shorts here... DD had never wanted a pair until last month, got her first pair - wore them twice and now they have disappeared into the Black Hole knows as her bedroom.

All team girls are allowed to wear them with the exception of the practice before a meet. No shorts that day - only leotard.
All our girls wear shorts, even the little ones. We are quite relaxed about what they wear as long as it is not a safety issue (Ie no baggy clothes or no clothes with zips). Most gyms around here are the same, so much so that even at competitions the girls are always wearing shorts for warm up and apparatus warm up and take them off only for their competition routine.

It does make it difficult because many of the kids aren't used to wearing nothing but a leo and you can see that they feel a little self concious when competing and are worrying too much about the leo. But I think it is a positive thing for keeping girls in the sport. Girls from about 11 become very self consious about their bodies and it would be sad to see them drop out because they couldnt wear shorts. Also overweight girls can feel very self consious and they can beneifit incredibly from staying in gymnastics.
At our gym so do, some don't. My dd likes to wear shorts sometimes - other times she doesn't. Sometimes if they are wearing shorts the coaches will have them take the off.
The girls on dd's team really don't wear the shorts consistently.

All team girls do wear the Under Armour pants and shirts during the winter though because HC/O turns the heat down. :eek:
Probably 99% of our optionals wear shorts--mostly Soffe's. I have to repair them constantly as my daughter routinely rips them up the side seams on bars.

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