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Yeah i know that was a weird heading but i wanted to know if anyone else has a blog? I started one today:

and i know gymnasticsbabie has one:
[see her for what its called, i don't remember]

just wanted to know if i could read anyone else's!
mines about elite gymnastics and stuff.
check it out sometime!
and oh yeah:
^^check that out too^
Nice job. I really liked the bit about Skylar. How old is she really? One of the vids said 8. I can't believe she's only a level 8 either (esecpt on bars). Everything else was the very upper end of level 8 skills. I thought a layout on beam was a 'd' or is that only when it's standing.?
thanks! she's 10 now, and i think she's a level 9 trying to qualify to HOPES/Pre-elite. why does no one ever go to level 10 these days? but yeah, i can name a few dozen level 8's trying to conjure up enough of an A score to make it as an elite. I don't understand why they don't just move up threw the levels normally, they are too young anyway to even make 2012 olympics. i don't get why you wouldn't just take your time.
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It's a such a shame because that way, they're probably not enjoying it as much and are more likely to crash and burn. Those girls could probably have some real success as level 9's and 10's if they'd just let it happen .
yeah, i really hope she can stick it out til post-2012 because as much as i hate chellsie memmel [as you probably know if you read my blog] i would hate to see her sister go out because she was pushed too hard too fast. it would be a shame.
I kind of laughed actually when I read that part of your blog-my dad's the biggest Chellsie fan in the world! M and M is really close to where I live, so it's a local thing I guess. He doesn't really 'get' elite gymnastics though. Example: She is his favorite for the gold medal all-around. That's why I love him though.
haha thanks, i don't hate her in all seriousness, but since i'm no fan of her in any way, i like to use her as a reference to things i really don't like. lol

thats cool that you live by M&M i mean, chellsie's there, but skylar is there too!

oh and your dad is better than my dad. every single time he sees nastia liukin he says
"now whos that again"
and then he says "oh right, i can't tell her and that johnson person apart"

and i'm like: "dad! they look nothing like each other!"
and he also loves to say: svetlana boguuuuinskaya
and i say "dad, she stopped competing like a million years ago!"
I love watching gym with my dad! Even though the scoring system isn't really new anymore, I still have to re-explain it every time.
hahahaha i like your intro "not a lot of people are going to visit this site. It's okay no big deal. My feelings are not going to be hurt. That is why i will feel free to tell this stupid blog everything about gymnastics that I hate [like Elfi Schelgel and her expolitation of Shawn Johnson and past gymnasts such as Vanessa Alter]" hahaha lmao, that was funny! i'm excited for your blog, so i'll def keep visiting.

heres my site btw:
So i read the rest of your blog...WHY DON'T YOU TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL CCCAM!???!?!!? [*sarcasm*]

omg it's actually one of the funniest blogs i've ever read in my life. granted, i haven't read many blogs. but i was lol-ing... no i mean actually LAUGHING OUT LOUD. it's really really really good, keep posting!

oh and for your mileycyrus post, this has nothing to do with mileycyrus, but i HATE when little kids make montages... im sorry that sounds so so mean, but I HATE IT. if you don't know how to make a montage then don't do it. I waste my time when i go onto youtube and i find a video i've never seen and i click on it and its a blurry picture montage on shawn or nastia. all i have to say is, learn how to make a montage before posting, so i don't wasting my friggin time watching your awful one. now i may not be the best montage maker myself, but heck at least mine don't burn people's eyes.
yay! im glad some people will be visiting! i've checked yours out before, but i'll be checking back for some updates!
haha i know about the little kid thing! seriously i saw some one who was 'taking requests' and all they did was picka routine of a gymnast and out a song in the background of it. and that was the request! i'm sorry thats not a montage!
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I'm digging the list! Oh, and I told all my gym friends a/b Chellsie's bh video and we all had a good laugh.
Chellsie Memmels the guest speaker at Nationals this year.........................
To bad shawn johnson doesnt live in wisconsin

haha i compete in WI a lot, and i competed at her dad's gym... and she was there signing autographs and like nobody was going over to her. and then you know how at meets the host gym usually gives the gymnasts stuff? well last year we got a signed picture of her. woop de doo. her dad / gym think really really highly of her and i guess they expect us to, too? haha idk... chellsie is for SURE not one of my favs so i guess thats why i think that whole deal is super annoying for me...
haha if it was shawn everyone would be screaming and going over. the one beam at open gym is signed by shawn and we were like ahhh im never gonna wash my hands again! lol
omg!!! i would love to use abeam signed by shawn! that would complete my life lol! def. not by chels though. ugh she's a scuzzball in my opinion

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