Snow Day!!!!

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School is cancelled, the kids are still sleeping and I got up at 6am to answer the phone. Massive snow storm and we get to hang out all day, I am very happy.

DD will be thrilled when she wakes up, makes up for the comp yesterday!!!!

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DVery, very happy........:D
Last year, we had one snow day and one cold day-it was -19!
Hi Bogwoppit,

What a great reminder for those of us further south to bring in some wood for the fire, check the supplies of coco, popcorn and UHT milk, and fantasize about what fun a snow day might bring us. Hope you enjoyed the break!
Was divine, kids slogged through the snowy woods to grandma's house where they made xmas cookies after shovelling her path. Then grandma came over for lunch and a glass of wine by the fire. Then the kids went sledding on the farm followed by watching a movie all together by the fire with popcorn.

Like christmas without having to eat turkey for a week. The kids are hoping we get snow day part two tomorrow so they can ski. We adults will be skiing no matter what, :D.

It is still snowing, I think we got about 15 inches and there is more forecast for the week to come. I have lived here for 18 years and we've never had winter begin quite this way. GLobal warming I fear, though it is lovely.

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