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Been a while since last post.

DD did well her last meet. Tough scores all around, but at least they were consistent. She placed 1st AA again, and I never grow tired of her big ole smile.

Been having to deal with a not-so-friendly mom at the gym. Luckily, I am learning to just ignore it and know who true friends are there. Most of the moms (and dads) are great, and are just happy to have eachother around and this mom has slowly made her way around trying to cause problems for many different girls. She left her last gym saying no one liked her and says the same there at new gym. I must say, I love to read some of the post from the more "seasoned" parents, you can tell they have learned that it is DD sports, not theirs! It is a lesson this mom should learn!

States is next weekend (4/25-26). No schedule as of yet. I hope she is not Saturday morning as younger DD has a school presentation. I hate when they wait this long! So I guess I need the good schedule fairy and she’ll take any good luck faries! Especially that sneaky horizontal cast fairy!
Sending you all the fairies you requested along with a "chill the not-so-friendly gym mom" fairy. :D Good luck to your DD at States!
Tell DD not to worry about it and tune her out and ignore her and concentrate on what she is doing since the game time that really counts is coming up and she does not need to get hurt over this lady!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best of luck to you DD!!!!!!! I will send all of the awesome fairies to you tomorow!!!!!!!!!! Great luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S. i will send the lesson teaching fairie to the mean lady!!!!!!!!!!!!:)>
Good luck for States, hope she continues her winning streak.

The good news about the crazy mom is that she will change gyms again, as that problem will haunt her wherever she goes.
Thanks all. Unfortunately the scheduling fairy messed up and gave us 8:00 am Saturday, so husband will take younger DD to her school activity. She has a different activity in a couple of weeks during the day, so I promised to take off work for that. She is okay with that!

I do agree it is a matter of time before this mom moves on. She would have left already, but we do have a wonderful coach. Luckily, coach manages to keep her in line as much as she can. Coach even let my dd know other mom was probably a bit jealous since DD has scored higher AA in several meets this year. It's too bad, because the other girl is amazing and has such potential, and if her mom just let her do her thing, she could go so far. Oh well, hopefully in time. What did it take in that cheerleading piece - about 5-6 years for them to just relax!

But on a good note, DD worked in a private with coach last night and was really getting her cast up. Even if it doesn't happen at states, I am glad she is gaining more confidence. States is just one meet, but seeing her work that hard makes me proud!!

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