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My daughter competed AAU Level 4 in the spring and did really well. She took first place at state on bars and finished fourth all around in the elite division. She had just turned seven right before state. Although my daughter did well, I felt like her old gym did not emphasize form. Additionally my daughter had started having problems with some of the girls (she is very quiet but a hard worker) always cutting her in line, etc. We decided to try some other gyms in the area to see if they were a better fit for her. Right before state we picked a gym and decided after state we would let her gym know she was leaving. The day after state her old gym called and told us they were aware we were having concerns and visiting other gyms and asked us not to come back. That was fine because we were starting the new gym the next day. I didn't have the heart to tell my daughter what happened and now every day she asks if we can go back to her old gym because,as she says, her coaches are wondering where she is and she wants to say hi to them. We were very active at the old gym and never caused problems. Additionally, my daughter is excelling at her new gym but says it doesn't feel like home. She was placed in the advance group and immediately asked to be in their TOPS program. I just wanted what was best for my daughter. I didn't know gymnastics and the coaches could be like that.
I would still have her stop by the old gym just to say goodbye. Maybe she could make cards for the coaches thanking them for all they have done for her. If you look through previous posts you will see unfortunately there is no easy way to switch gyms. Just as the girls get attached to coaches, very often coaches get attached to the girls and put a lot of themselves into each one. It is hard for them to not take it personally when someone decides to leave. We switched gyms about a year ago - and did it on the best terms we could, but it was still awkward. The gymnastics world is a relatively small community, so it is always wise not to burn bridges. It sounds like she is doing great at the new gym. As parents we have to do what is best for our children.
Unfortunately, this is very common place. Coaches seem to feel they have failed and don't really think about the child. Especially in coach owned gyms. We really don't have that problem where we are becasue the coaches don't rely on tuition for their salary and also have one of the better programs in the area.

Coaches are often afraid that having the gymnast back in the gym will casue them to lose more kids, especially if it is one of the more talented gymnasts leaving. They don't want other parents to pull their kids as well.

Just so tough for the younger ones. We moved when my daughter was level 8 and the same thing happened. We were called and told we weren't welcome back. Devastated my daughter but she was old enough to see that the coach was in the wrong.

Good luck in your new gym. Sounds like you did the right thing for your daughter.

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