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At the meet this weekend I tried to keep score for most of her team mates. I was miss a few scores but try to get as many as I can. After DD was done I tallied up her all around score but didn't for anybody else on the team. I din't know how DD had done but thought she might have a chance for a medal. They were giving medals for the top 5 finishers. So at the awards podium I have the video camera out and they call out the places 6-9 and gave them all participation ribbons. I was filming because I didn't want to miss if she was called. She was never called so I thought that she must have placed in the top 5. So they start with the medals and still no DD. They finally call out 1st in all around and still no DD. I recalculate DD's score and then add up the allround score for one of her team mates that medaled sure enough DD placed higher and they never called her out. I raced around first trying to find her coach because she was busy getting ready for the next session. She brought it to the judge and told me to go back to the podium. After calling out the awards from all the age groups they say that they have made a mistake and forgot someone. They call up DD and she gets to stand on the platform all by herself. They place the medal around her next and say that she came in 3rd place in the all around. Yeah! I can believe they almost didn't recongnize her.
That's brutal! Good thing you were paying attention!

I have to say, in the same position, I'd have been livid!!

Congratulations to your daughter. Did she earn any individual event medals?
Wow. Good job, mom, for keeping track and getting your daughter her place on the podium! I am so not good at math, guess I better brush up before my dd's meet in February just in case!:p

Congrats to her. Sounds like she did awesome!
Glad she ended up with a medal after the whole mess. Keep track of those scores---this won't be the only meet where awards get fouled up. At our last meet, they put one of our older girls in my gymmie's age group(and this girl is 3 yrs older) by mistake. She got called up for winning floor(would have won floor no matter which group she was in)--she looked confused as did the coaches. When it came time for AA, she got nothing. If she had been in the correct age group she would have placed 3rd or 4thAA. One of our coaches(who has been a judge) was going to try and get it all straightened out---at least get corrected results printed since it was too late to take back medals or give this girl the ones she really earned.
OMGoodness, glad you were paying attention. Unfortunately it happens, luckily you caught it and they quickly fixed it.
Mistakes do happen, but its always hardest on those kids they give the medals too and gave the wrong ones too. I have been to competitions where as they had only a certain number of trophies and they were labelled that they had to take them away from the kid they accidently gave it to to give it to the kid they forgot. Its hard.
I am glad you were able to hear the mistake and fix it right at the ceremony. Sometimes it is hard to hear or they do not annouce the scores and just say what place the girl got. They you would not have been able to fix it and she would not have gotten her moment to feel special.

At this weekends meet, my dd had a panicked look on her face during the wrong age group awards. She thought they forgot her. This meet went by the age you are on 1/1/09. She thought it was state meet age and got confused.

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