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Soo if anybody else watches jeopardyyy
Do u get really excited when they have a gymnastics question, and the people on the show dont know the answer, but it seems so obvious, and you're like screaming at the screen?

Like today, there were 2 of them
1. Male gymnastics event where the bars are placed such and such apart, yay high, yada yada
2. Female gymnastics event where one bar is placed yay high, and the other is yay high..such and such distance from eachother

They got the second one, but for the first one a man said pommel horse
I almost died!

And a while ago, they said something about a male gymnastics champion, and said that it wasnt his brother was SILENT there

I was wondering if anybody else saw those, and/or finds it extremely exciting/hilarious when that kind of stuff happens

nope didn't see it, cause i don't watch jeopardy, but that's so cool they ask gymnastics questions sometimes! i didn't know that! maybe i should start watching it lol
and that is pretty funny they didn't know the answer to those questions ha
I was walking past my parents' room when they asked that question. I went in and yelled the answers at the TV, but did the contestants hear me? Nooooooooo.
I LOVE JEOPARDY! no joke one of my fav shows. channel 7 at 7 at my house haha. and i didnt see that but that is sick! those arent even hard questions!!! if you watch the olympics you should get it!
I love Jeopardy!!!

I was North High School's Jeopardy champion. :p
I don't usually watch it but we played it like everyday in 5th grade to review for tests.....
But when I'm actually watching the show I always get all the really odd questions right but I can't get the questions right that like everyone knows off the top of their head.
we played it in my math glass! but teams and we had to get the card and then do the problem with our members and my team won! It was so sick! it was 100-500 points for each category (graphing, quadractic formulas, factoring) and we had to start at 100 for each new category! and we won with 3100 points!! SO FUN! ahahah

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