Parents ugh.... sinus infection!

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well, dd is out this week with a sinus infection and 102 temp. she has the Region 5 Cup on Friday afternoon. Hopefully, the antibiotics will kick in and she can get back into the gym Thursday morning for a full day of practice before the meet. If not.... she will be pretty rusty!!! Anyone else going to the cup down in Cincinnati this weekend??
Oh what a drag! Although I'm not sure if pixie dust is the best thing for sinus infections, we'll blow the "antibiotic fairy" in your direction. :)

Best wishes to DD. Hope she gets her rest and get's well soon.

My dd's team lost a member last Sat due to a flu and temp. A real bummer. One of the coaches picked up a get well soon card and had the whole team sign it at the meet. She sent it over with a few gymnastic movie DVD's to help her pass the time.
We will be at the Cup, but dd does not compete until Saturday... The antibiotics will work quickly, and I know your dd will be feeling great again soon. Sending well wishes so she can get that exdtra practice in. Rest & fluids in the meantime... & Tell her good luck & to kick butt again this year :p. Looking forward to the vids.
Bummer! My dd gets them often. She always says it hurts to go upside down. She also feels like she is spinning. Both things are not good for gymnasts.

The antibiotics should kick in fast.
Bummer! Big get well (((hugs))) to her! Kids heal quickly. I'll bet those antibiotics will kick in soon & she will be back practicing & ready for her meet in another day or two. She's looking great in the vid you posted in the 'videos' forum!

I hate sinus infections, they are so miserable. I really feel for her! Personally, I dose up w/ Sudafed (the real one, from behind the counter) when I have all the congestion, it really helps!
Poor thing, antibiotics usually show their working by 48 hours, so she should be fine by Friday. DO get her to drink lots of fluids and also to blow her nose a lot, that always helps with healing time.

Dadingym, Best of luck for her for the meet.

Ingy, good luck to A for the weekend, I am sending her the squat on fairy!!!
Sending the Get well quick Fairy with a little extra energy dust. Sometimes those infections just take so much out of them. Good Luck to her this weekend
thx everyone. I think her coloring looks better this afternoon and she says she isn't as dizzy. Time will tell!!!
Poor girl - I feel for her. My dd is prone to them as well. She also says it hurts to go upside down and she gets really dizzy. She actually took a pretty nasty spill once b/c of it - so have your dd be careful when she goes back if she's not 100%.
Never a good time to be sick, but this timing sure stinks. Hope she's feeling better very soon. She may lack some endurance during the meet and hope that dizziness clears up very soon. Gymnastics is tough enough without the room tipping on its axis!
Oh, poor thing:(. Those can be miserable. Usually the antibiotics really kick in fast. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she will be better before the meet;)!

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